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23.2.2024 | Tags: George Logan, campaign, People

New George Logan campagin for Amex takes you from the daily grind to OOO in the blink of an eye.

Termite Cities

18.5.2023 | Tags: George Logan


26.9.2022 | Tags: George Logan, Advert

Lions photographed in the Masai Mara, Mandrill in Cameroon, Flamingos in Lake Nakuru, Magpies in Regents Park and Komondor dogs in Kings Cross!

George Logan's new work for DFS is now up and running nationwide, look out for it now, it can't be missed! 



14.9.2022 | Tags: George Logan, campaign, on location

**** Update...Winning Awards!  So far, Gold at PX3 Paris, Creative Circle Bronze One and a Winner in Communications Arts (USA). 

Highland Games

25.1.2022 | Tags: George Logan

Celebrating Burns Night with our very own Scotsman - George Logan. A new series captured at the Mull Highland Games.

Bensons Beds

10.11.2021 | Tags: George Logan, landscape

"Wake up in a good place" for Bensons Beds & VCCP. There aren't many nicer places to wake up than the Lake District! Shot alongside the TVC, (something our photographers are expert at), shooting dawns and dusks meant, ironically, that no-one slept very well at all!

George Logan - Scarface

18.6.2021 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

Today we mourn the natural death of Kenyan Lion - Scarface. Of whom our George Logan has photographed numerous times over the years as part of his important conservation work with The Born Free Foundation. The Guardian published a fantastic article, with accompanying words and images from George. See that here.

George Logan - The End of Canned Hunting

13.5.2021 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

The South African government have announced their intention to finally ban trophy hunting of captive-bred lions. George Logan shot these concepts to highlight what is the single most abhorrent, disgusting practice facing lions and feature in his book - Lion: Pride Before the Fall.

George Logan - BBC coverage

25.1.2021 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

George Logan's important project focussing on Lion conservation - "Lion: Pride Before the Fall" is getting some important coverage and endorsement on the BBC today! See the full feature here.

Lion: Pride Before the Fall - Book Launch

3.12.2020 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

Today George Logan launches Lion: Pride Before the Fall.
What a brilliant success this project has been. Amazing media coverage and he is already down to the last 750 copies!
Please join him at at 7.00pm this evening for the online launch. He’ll be discussing the book followed by a live Q&A.

George Logan - Lion: Pride Before the Fall

18.6.2020 | Tags: George Logan, animals

George Logan has launched a Kickstarter to produce a landmark photographic book, celebrating the life cycle of the African lion in all its natural beauty, drama and raw ferocity.

Stay Home Heroes Campaign

29.4.2020 | Tags: home working, Gary Salter, Marco Mori, George Logan, Jack Terry, Charity

What better way to show our capabilities of working from home with a whole new campaign of images, shot for a great initiative, encouraging people to protect the NHS by being "Stay Home Heroes".

Lockdown Q&A - George Logan

22.4.2020 | Tags: George Logan, lockdown q&a

Next up in our Lockdown Q&A series - George Logan.

George Logan - Born Free Calendar 2020

29.11.2019 | Tags: George Logan, Charity, animals

The 2020 Born Free calendar focusses on new life in the animal kingdom. All photography by George Logan. All proceeds go to the hardest working, most effective wildlife charity, bar none!

George Logan - Anti Poaching in Kenya

4.7.2019 | Tags: George Logan, on location, landscape

George Logan has been shadowing the anti-poaching patrols with Kinetic 6 (secure communications company) and Born Free Foundation (international wildlife charity) in Kenya.

George Logan - Namibia Road Trip

21.6.2019 | Tags: George Logan, on location, reportage

George Logan took a road trip accross Namibia and captured some amazing personal work.

George Logan - Born Free: The Lions Of Lyon

5.4.2019 | Tags: George Logan, animals

George Logan and the Born Free Foundation collaborate once again. Here's what George had to say about this project, entitled: The Lions of Lyon.

Happy International Carrot Day!

4.4.2019 | Tags: George Logan, Ilka and Franz, Karen Thomas

It’s International Carrot day and we’ve been shooting them so often we now work at even lower ISO (little photographer joke for you there)...  these pictures from our photographers: Karen Thomas, Ilka & Franz and George Logan.

George Logan - Born Free Mythical Creatures

4.3.2019 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

How Long Before They're Just a Myth?

George Logan's new campaign for The Born Free Foundation compares today’s endangered species with ancient mythical creatures. Lions, Rhinoceros, African Wild Dogs and Grevy’s Zebra are all endangered, with numbers dropping to critical levels. How long before we can only tell stories about them?

George Logan - Born Free Zoo Series

4.2.2019 | Tags: George Logan, animals

Not everyone loves a trip to the zoo…especially not the animals.

George Logan new work for the Born Free.

George Logan - Peckish

24.1.2019 | Tags: George Logan, animals

Another feather in the cap for George Logan. Recent work for Peckish Bird food. It’s timely too... 26 - 28th of January is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch!

George Logan - Adidas on Billboards

18.1.2019 | Tags: George Logan, promotional

Proud to see the Adidas adverts from George Logan on the billboards...this spread was in Westfield Shopping Centre.


George Logan - Adidas

30.11.2018 | Tags: sports, George Logan

George Logan freezes the action with Addidas' new 'Initiator' range of football boots. Thanks to all involved with the shoot!

George Logan - HSBC

19.11.2018 | Tags: George Logan, Still Life

George Logans new Thriving Hexagons' campaign for HSBC is out, and looks great! Geroge's gallery has been updated with all his new shoots.

George Logan - Apes

22.10.2018 | Tags: George Logan, animals, on location

It’s the launch of the Remembering Great Apes book this week, which features George Logan's image of Chela the Silverback.

George Logan - Rain

9.10.2018 | Tags: George Logan, Portfolio, Portrait

New personal work from George Logan!

George Logan - Dogs

31.8.2018 | Tags: George Logan, animals, humour

George Logan shot these handsome hounds for Bone Idol Originals, who create luxury apparel for style conscious dog lovers.


George Logan - Mail On Sunday

31.7.2018 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

George Logan's continued work with various conservation initiatives and charities recieved some well deserved love in the Mail On Sunday! For the full article, simply click here:


George Logan - Iceland

20.4.2018 | Tags: moving image, George Logan, landscape

Glaciers, rock climbers, the Northern lights, drones!!! Directed by George Logan and creatives Stephen and Rob, this latest film shot in Iceland, has it all!

George Logan - The Last Male Northern White Rhino

23.3.2018 | Tags: George Logan, Charity, animals

While the team here continue to mourn the death of Sudan, the last male northern white rhino on Earth, our photographer George Logan has come up with a wonderful gesture.

Children's Air Ambulance - George Logan

10.1.2018 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

George Logan shoots for Children’s Air Ambulance, “Their Life Above All”.

The 2018 Born Free ‘Beyond the Bars’ calendar

15.12.2017 | Tags: George Logan, animals

The 2018 Born Free ‘Beyond the Bars’ calendar. Beautifully designed by Katy and Steve @ WCRS and photographed by George Logan!

George Logan - Remembering Rhinos Exhibition

31.10.2017 | Tags: George Logan, animals

The Born Free Foundation's Remembering Rhinos Exhibition has opened, featuring work from George Logan.

George Logan shoots for E.ON

11.9.2017 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan recently shot this new series for E.ON. All the amazing lighting effects done in situ and in camera! Thanks to Helen, Carole, Aaron and all the wonderful team at Engine. 

Colgate with George Logan

15.8.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait

Pool party with George Logan! Check out the new summer campaign for Colgate. Many thanks to Art Director Tim and all the agency team.

Tui - George Logan

8.8.2017 | Tags: George Logan, children, on location

What better way to entertain the kids this Summer holiday than a massive great climbing wall on the end of a cruise ship! George Logan shot this as part of a series for Tui. See the rest of the campaign here.

George Logan - Born Free Marine Conservation

3.8.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

George Logan cares greatly about the environment, as shown through his many collaborations with the Born Free Foundation. This latest image was shot for the Born Free Marine Conservation campaign.

New work from George Logan

2.5.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait

George Logan has been busy travelling to Africa to shoot for an Anti-Poaching Campaign.

George Logan - Orca Born Free Foundation

20.2.2017 | Tags: George Logan, animals

George Logan created this shot of an Orca in captivity for Born Free Foundation. The picture was displayed on poster sites last weekend to coincide with World Whale Day.

A special thanks to Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne at WCRS.

George Logan's Animal Portraits

26.1.2017 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

A collection of animal portraiture from George Logan, as featured in the 2017 Born Free Foundation Calendar.

George Logan shoots James Cosmo

13.1.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Celebrity, Portrait

Seeing as “Winter is coming”, we thought it timely to show this wonderful picture by George Logan of Big Brother’s very own James Cosmo, shot for Bank of Scotland.

George Logan - Thomson TUI

4.1.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Lifestyle, on location, Travel

George Logan captures the holiday of dreams in his latest campaign with Thomson TUI. 

George Logan - Born Free Christmas Campaign

19.12.2016 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity, Christmas

Here's the new Born Free Christmas campaign. Created collaboratively between George Logan and creatives Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne. 

Adopt an animal in need today at

Born Free Calendar 2017

28.11.2016 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

Born Free has once again teamed up with George Logan to create an exclusive 2017 wildlife calendar. It features stunning images of iconic African species.

George Logan - Conceptual Landscapes

16.11.2016 | Tags: George Logan, landscape

George Logan has collaborated with One White Chair to create this new conceptual landscapes series.

AOP Finalist - Geroge Logan

13.10.2016 | Tags: George Logan, awards

Our brilliant photographer George Logan has 5 images in the AOP Awards this evening!

Remembering Elephants with George Logan

22.9.2016 | Tags: George Logan, reportage

George Logan is honoured to be part of ‘Remembering Elephants’ – a photography book being launched tonight at the Royal Geographic Society by Born Free Founder, Virginia McKenna.

George Logan's IKEA Campaign in PDN Photo Annual 2016

6.5.2016 | Tags: George Logan, on location, awards

A nice new award for George Logan! George will be a part of PDN's 2016 Photo Annual with his IKEA Monkeys campaign. See over on the PDN website - here.

James Cosmo by George Logan

13.4.2016 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait, Celebrity

George Logan recently had the pleasure of shooting Game of Thrones star - James Cosmo for Bank of Scotland.

George Logan - Born Free Foundation - The Bushmeat Cookbook Campaign

1.4.2016 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

The Born Free Foundation, with the help of photography from our George Logan, is highlighting the devastating bushmeat trade with this campaign featuring recipes from a fictional bushmeat cookbook.

George Logan's Born Free Foundation Watering Hole

1.4.2016 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

George Logan unveiled a new watering hole in Ethiopia a few months back - as part of his long-term partnership with the Born Free Foundation charity. Since then, it's had a lot of visitors... 

George Logan - Land Rover / Born Free

29.1.2016 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

George Logan was commissioned by Land Rover and the Born Free Foundation to show the Land Rover Defender in the field in Kenya

2016 Born Free Calendar - George Logan

8.12.2015 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

The 2016 Born Free Calendar is now available from All photographs by our George Logan.

George Logan - Panasonic

27.11.2015 | Tags: George Logan

We love this new shot from George Logan! Shot as part of a recent campaign for Panasonic.

George Logan unveils new Watering Hole in Ethiopia

27.11.2015 | Tags: George Logan, Charity, animals

As part of his long-term charity work with the Born Free Foundation, a very proud George Logan unveiled a new watering hole, constructed at Ensessakotteh in Ethiopia.

George Logan - IPA Award Winner

25.11.2015 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan's 'Falling Ladies' series picked up first place at the IPA - Best of Health awards.

George Logan recreates football's most notorious bad boy moments

5.8.2015 | Tags: George Logan, sports

George Logan's great new series shows some of football's most notorious moments re-enacted by schoolboy players. It was good to see the series receive some great press in The TelegraphCreative ReviewThe Sun and the Mirror to name a few.

George Logan takes to the jungle in new IKEA campaign

14.7.2015 | Tags: George Logan, animals

George Logan recently returned from the Costa Rican jungle after an exciting time braving giant insects and treacherous jungle on behalf of the latest IKEA campaign for Mother London.

The campaign was shot at the Jaguar Rescue Centre and features a troupe of monkeys luxuriating in their lovely new Ikea kitchen erected in the middle of the forest. 

There's been a great buzz about the campaign which also features  a wonderful TV commercial shot by Juan Cabral (articles over on Campaign and Ad of the Day.).

George Logan's 'Born to be Free' campaign

3.6.2015 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

George Logan has once again teamed up with WCRS London and the Born Free Foundation to produce this powerful and thought provoking campaign, helping to highlight the threats facing endangered species.

George Logan's Born Free Poster Sites

20.5.2015 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan has once again teamed up with the Born Free Foundation to produce another hard-hitting and emotive campaign. 

The Famous Whiskas Cat from George Logan

16.4.2015 | Tags: George Logan

You'll remember George Logan's award wining campaign for Whiskas, well these exclusive shots of the star model have just emerged. 

He goes by the name of Jayden and he was specially flown in from Holland. Only the best for our George!

"Business is Great" campaign from George Logan

24.3.2015 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan headed out into the glorious countryside to photograph the lovely Andrew and Zoe for the "Business is Great" campaign.

Many thanks to Matt and Vince at the agency.

See more commissions in George's gallery - here.

Disappearing Animals Campaign for Born Free

23.2.2015 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

We're extremely proud of our George Logan for all the work he's been doing for the Born Free foundation, in particular his work with WCRS on the Disappearing Animals campaign

George headed down to the launch of the ads, displayed on the gigantic digital billboards at Vauxhall, to photograph one of the founders of the Born Free Foundation - Virginia McKenna.

George Logan's 'falling' series

12.2.2015 | Tags: George Logan, on location

George Logan recently shot this great series of 'falling' people around several London locations.

The series was to promote a treatment for osteoporosis. The idea being that there is no such thing as a small fall for sufferers of the disease.

Big thanks to Lawrence and Mike at the agency.

George Logan's 'Born Free' wins at the AOP awards

12.12.2014 | Tags: George Logan, animals

Congratulations to George Logan, who won at the AOP awards last night.

His campaign for 'Born Free' took away first prize in the 'Commissioned Advertising' category.

Big shout out to Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne for the art direction on this.

A great campaign, for an important cause.

George Logan

18.7.2014 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan, long time supporter and collaborator of the Born Free foundation, has just teamed up again to produce this hard-hitting campaign.

George Logan

19.6.2014 | Tags: George Logan

It would be wrong to show you anything non-football related, wouldn't it!

So here's a recent commission of George Logan's for Talk Talk.

Many thanks to our friends at CHI.

George Logan for Vodafone

14.5.2014 | Tags: George Logan

Even more George Logan shots for you. You may well have seen these plastered around town in the latest Vodafone ads. Here are the shots in their full glory.

Trust us, it's not as easy as you think getting a land rover up a hill like that.

Once again, big thanks to Muzz, Sam, Greg and the team.

George Logan for Opus

14.5.2014 | Tags: George Logan

A couple of new ads from George Logan for Opus.

George Logan's new Vodafone ads out

9.5.2014 | Tags: George Logan

Spotted on the underground - new Vodafone ads from George Logan. Lovely to see these in glorious 48-sheet form.

Big thanks to Muzz, Sam, Greg et al.

Dirty George!

21.3.2014 | Tags: George Logan, behind the scenes

Just another day of location finding for George Logan. He does like to get his hands dirty!

George Logan for Premier Inn

25.2.2014 | Tags: George Logan, Still Life

If the art director wants a bed on a beach, you darn well stick a bed in a van, and head to the coast!

George Logan for Whiskas

14.2.2014 | Tags: George Logan, Cars

George Logan's 'Big Cat, Little Cat' images, shot as part of the Whiskas campaign last year, are up for yet another prestigious prize.

George Logan's limited edition prints

31.10.2013 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan has recently launched a website selling his limited edition art prints. It has a rather catchy URL too -

Head on over there, where you can see all the Logan classics, including the Translocation and Red Road series, along with a little written insight from the man himself.

George Logan's 'Translocation' book sits pride in place at Louise's office!

25.10.2013 | Tags: George Logan

It appears the one and only Louise Redknapp is a big fan of our George Logan. Pictured in the Daily Mail's weekender magazine, George's 'Translocation' book sits pride and place in Louise's Chelsea Office. You can look at images from the 'Translocation' project on our website here.

George has also launched a website where you can get an insight into the project and purchase a copy of the book for yourself. Head on over to   to check it out.

George Logan, well done you!

21.10.2013 | Tags: George Logan

Congratulations to George Logan on his success at the AOP awards last Thursday NIght.

George won in the Best Life Series category for his fantastic work on the WHISKAS campaign. The series of images has been picking up accolades left, right and centre over the past few months. So here's another to add to the trophy cabinet.

George Logan in 'Capture' Magazine

30.9.2013 | Tags: George Logan, animals

George Logan has a great article in Australian magazine - Capture - this month.

Based on his award winning images shot for Whiskas earlier in the year. 

Click here to some more of George's awesome work.

George Logan for Brothers & Sisters

6.7.2013 | Tags: George Logan

He photographs animals well. He photographs people well. Sometimes you just need to combine those skills.

Photographed by George Logan for Brothers & Sisters.

George Logan bags silver at Cannes for Whiskas campaign

20.6.2013 | Tags: George Logan, animals

Congratulations to George Logan for winning silver at Cannes for the Whiskas campaign for AMV BBDO. We're extremely proud here at Horton-Stephens HQ.

George Logan's pretty polly for Volvic

16.6.2013 | Tags: George Logan, Drink

We've been seeing this pretty polly popping up around town. Shot by George Logan with RKCR/Y&R for Volvic.

See more of George's great campaign work here.

George Logan/AMV BBDO's Whiska campaign wins the PDN Photo award!

5.6.2013 | Tags: George Logan, animals

We are proud to announce that George Logan/AMV BBDO's WHISKAS campaign has won the PDN Photo annual 2013 award

George Logan for Vodafone

20.5.2013 | Tags: George Logan, on location, behind the scenes

George Logan is on the crest of a wave! Flushed with the success from his high profile Whiskas campaign, George Logan has been shooting for Vodafone/ Grey in Andalucia. Isn't life a beach!

Take a look at some behind-the-scenes images here.

George Logan bags 'Big Cat Small Cat' campaign

10.4.2013 | Tags: George Logan, animals

We're delighted to see our George Logan's work as part of AMV BBDOs brilliant new Whiskas 'Big Cat Small Cat' campaign.

A big thanks to the team for keeping their nerve when the big game got up close!

George Logan's new Whiska campaign comes to London

2.4.2013 | Tags: George Logan, animals

George Logan's new campaign for AMV BBDO / Whiskas brings the South African plains to London's streets!

Have a look at the billboards here!

Behind the scenes with George Logan's shoot for Whiskas

28.3.2013 | Tags: George Logan, behind the scenes

A behind-the-scenes look at George Logan's shoot for Whiskas in the Shamwari Game Reserve, South Africa.

George Logan shoots for Siemens

13.3.2013 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan has been busy shooting for Siemens. Have a look at his shots here. 

You can see more of George's work here.

George Logan for Cow & Gate

6.12.2012 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait

George shot these for Cow and Gate recently. We hear the farmer has named his little bundle of joy Charlotte New Potato.

To see more of George's work head over to his portfolio here.

George Logan's Buttercup ad with VCCP

17.8.2012 | Tags: George Logan

We've just added George Logan's  Buttercup / VCCP Ad to the many campaigns in his commissioned gallery. To see more, click here.

George Logan shoots Lizzy on team GB!

5.8.2012 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait, sports, Celebrity

Congratulations to Lizzie on Team GB's first medal of the Olympics! To see more of Georges commissioned work click here.

George Logan shoots Jess on team GB!

3.8.2012 | Tags: George Logan, sports, Portrait

George Logan photographs a plethora of Olympians

1.8.2012 | Tags: George Logan, sports, Portrait

George Logan is proud to have photographed many of our glorious Olympians for client BP / Ogilvy. We've all been on the edge of our seats since London 2012 started and looking forward to the next few days. Go Team GB!

George Logan // Cromwell Road

29.6.2012 | Tags: George Logan

The Olympics come to Cromwell Road. Nice to see George's BP Olympic shots get a good airing as special builds on Cromwell Road! 

For more of George's commissioned work, click here.

George Logan in Skye and Hong Kong

1.6.2012 | Tags: George Logan, behind the scenes, Lifestyle

Here's a few snaps from George's recent DHL shoot on location in Skye and Hong Kong. It was great to work alongside Tim, John and Emma. Thanks guys.

The campaign is still yet to be released... so watch this space.

George Logan - O2 Priority Moments

10.5.2012 | Tags: George Logan, Lifestyle

George flew back to Spain to shoot his second O2 campaign of 2012. Working back alongside Creatives Veryan Prigg and Kieran Knight, George shot another set of fantastic Ads.

Click here for more. To see George's online folio click here. 

George F1 Sky

4.4.2012 | Tags: George Logan

George Logan, who by the way we love, has been shooting again for Brothers and Sisters (who also love him)

To see George's online gallery, click here.

George Logan's campaign for O2

13.3.2012 | Tags: George Logan, on location

At last we can reveal George Logan's latest campaigns for O2!

George worked alongside creatives Veryan Prigg and Kieran Knight on location in Spain to create these striking new images. 

To see George's online gallery, click here.

George Logan is in Lapland!

2.2.2012 | Tags: George Logan, on location, CGI, landscape

Between another visit to Ethiopia to support the Born Free Foundation, George Logan has been shooting a Wild Thing in Lapland for Sky Go/WCRS.

To see George's online gallery click here.

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