About Jessica Griffiths

Jessica Griffiths is a London based still-life and food photographer.

Initially having an interest in fashion, Jess studied photography at the university of creative arts in Rochester, where she simultaneously began assisting photographers and working in studios. Having gained experience on fashion sets, the fast paced and flurried environment steered her away into exploring other types of photography such as food and still life where she found there was more time to consider and finesse lighting and composition for each shot. This is where Jess really learnt how to light technically and found her own style, realising still life was a perfect fit for her.  

She specialised as digital operator and became first assistant for a still life photographer in advertising and on commercial sets. Getting to build an image so precisely with a great team and bringing scamps to life, she again realised that this environment suited her skill set wholly. She loved the creative problem solving and working out how to best capture particular variations of each image and what was needed for post production. Facing each job with it's own different problems and solutions, every shoot had a new challenge. This is where she really fell in love with still life photography. 

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