Lockdown Q&A - George Logan

22.4.2020 | Tags: George Logan, lockdown q&a

Next up in our Lockdown Q&A series - George Logan.

Who is your favourite photographer, historical or contemporary or both and why?
Most of my early influences came from cinema, especially David Lynch, Francis Coppola, Terry Gilliam and Ridley Scott. If I had to pick just one photographer, it would be Gregory Crewdson, who succeeds in combining cinematic drama with surreal and offbeat compositions.
Why did you take up photography as a career initially and how did you get your first break into the business?
I started taking pictures aged 14 with an old Praktica film camera, photographing friends and the area where I lived. I knew early on that I needed to have a career in something I loved and I took to photography straight away.
I originally wanted to be a war / reportage Photographer, so started photographing political demonstrations, National Front marches and sprawling, concrete housing estates.
I did A level photography, then 3 years at Photography school, came to London and assisted for a year. My first commissions were editorial, where I pretty much had free reign to shoot what I wanted. These early experimental commissions definitely helped get me up and running.
If you had to have one, what would be your favourite photograph that you have taken and why? 
Probably my Zebras against an old farm building on the Isle of Skye. It was a heartfelt, personal project that allowed me to combine my imagination with creative photographic techniques and helped me push my work in a new direction. It also won Gold at The Association of Photographers Awards and led to many of my favourite commissions.

If you still enjoy it (and we presume you still do), why do you like being a photographer?
I love the whole process. My favourite thing is to receive a great, creative photographic brief, interpret it, add my thoughts and ideas…then put together a team to (ideally!) head off somewhere amazing to shoot and produce the best images we can. I like the wrap parties very much too.

Lately, I’ve been putting my photography to best use helping conserve wildlife and, specifically, the African Lion. Heading out at dawn in a Land Rover on the African plains, seeing what dramas have unfolded in the night, is as good as it gets for me.

If you were going to work in a field of photography other than your own, what would it be?
Wildlife photography.
If you hadn't become a photographer what do you think you might be doing instead?
Lion conservationist…or failed motorcycle racer.


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