This is the bit where we tell you how great we are, friendly and approachable with an encyclopaedic knowledge of lighting, casting, locations here and worldwide, set building, timings, post-production, cgi… we could go on! Oh yes… moving image? Totally comfortable with that.  Shooting alongside TVCs?  Yes, we do that most weeks.

The team here have produced just about every shoot imaginable, so even if you just want to ask our advice we’ll be more than happy to get involved. Each shoot is a journey and we like the opportunity to work alongside you at the earliest possible stage. Having said that, managing mad panics are our speciality, so time or no time, no problem.

Budgets are often a challenge and we are well aware of the need to match creative approach to financial constraints and in this we can help you manage expectations all along the process.

In short, we have a reputation for solving problems, not creating them, for production excellence, for making our clients’ lives easier… give us a call anytime.

For representation enquiries and submissions, please email us here

+44 (0) 20 7252 7979

14 Peacock Yard, London. SE17 3LH

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