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Additive are a post-production studio based in London.

There are bigger companies out there, but that’s not what they're about. They revel in small… they are Boutique! What matters is that when you deal with them you’re speaking to the artist that’s going to work on your project. Too many other post-production / CGI providers leave you talking to the monkey, but with Additive they're all organ grinders!  No flashy offices or glamorous secretaries, sorry. 

Comprising two talented CG artists / retouchers with over 20 years’ experience between them (Saddingtons, Um CGI and Solid), you benefit from superb project management by agents, Horton-Stephens and all the efficient communications that that brings, whether talking stills or motion. Of course they have the support of specialist friends when needed (character artists, animators, digital sculptors, etc) and are involved with all the most cutting edge medias including the latest Augmented Reality. As a result they can be as big a part of any image solution as you wish.

As photographers' agents, Horton-Stephens are also well placed to manage any photographic elements that any given projects might require and to propose a holistic approach to any image creation solutions.

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