Our New Showreel

Although we shoot mostly stills, we're shooting more and more motion, so we thought we'd try to draw our photographer / directors together together into a showreel of their latest work for everything from social media to broadcast.

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11 November 2019 |

Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas Shot on location in Camden, Sam's 'Secretly Easy' Choc Key Lime Pie is delicious. Yum!

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11 November 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Lifestyle, Food

Nick Dolding - Ovarian Cancer Action

Nick Dolding is proud to be a part of the new campaign for Ovarian Cancer Action raising awareness and funding for future research.

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30 October 2019 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, Charity, children

Ilka & Franz - Misunderstood Food

Ilka and Franz reinvent six of the most confusing British dishes in their new series Misunderstood Food.

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15 October 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Still Life, Food

Wilson Hennessy - Specsavers

Wilson Hennessy shoots a new campaign for Specsavers design collective. 

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8 October 2019 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Still Life

Jason Knott - New Portraits

Jason Knott has been in the studio working on a new set of portraits

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8 October 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, Portrait

Gary Salter - Hey Car

Gary Salter just shot this new campaign out on location for Hey Car

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8 October 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location

Marco Mori - Barclaycard

In the ring with Barclaycard by Marco Mori

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18 September 2019 | Tags: Marco Mori

Karen Thomas - Costa

Karen Thomas shot some delicious motion for Costa, more moving image through here

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11 September 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Drink

Additive CGI - Costa

Additive CGI's new coffee in a can ad for Costa!

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5 September 2019 | Tags: Additive, Drink

Jack Terry - Sarson's

Respect to Jack Terry! He worked on a great mix of stills and motion for Sarson's vinegar. 

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27 August 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, Food

Marco Mori - Personal Work Asia

Marco Mori shot some great personal work in Thailand

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9 August 2019 | Tags: Marco Mori, on location, reportage

Ilka & Franz - N26

Some new playful work by Ilka & Franz for N26 Bank, a fuller selection of their work through here.

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9 August 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Wilson Hennessy - BMW Concept

Wilson Hennessy recently shot a BMW concept prototype in Munich

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31 July 2019 | Tags: Cars, Wilson Hennessy

Jason Knott - Blacksmith

Jason Knott's brings us some new heavy-hitting personal work.

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26 July 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, on location, Portrait

Additive CGI - Renault B10

Additive CGI beautifully 3D rendered the all-electric Renault B10

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24 July 2019 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Jason Knott - P&O Cruises

Jason Knott's new advert for P&O Cruises 

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8 July 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, on location

Gary Salter - Rowntree's Randoms

Here's Gary Salter being a little bit random!

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8 July 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Florian Geiss - Microsoft 365 & Alcon

Florian Geiss has just finished shooting for Microsoft 365 and Alcon. Here are a few of the results.

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4 July 2019 | Tags: Florian Geiss

George Logan - Anti Poaching in Kenya

George Logan has been shadowing the anti-poaching patrols with Kinetic 6 (secure communications company) and Born Free Foundation (international wildlife charity) in Kenya.

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4 July 2019 | Tags: George Logan, on location, landscape

Additive CGI - Alpine A110

Additive CGI created the 2019 Renault Alpine A110s in CG. This wonderful car is carries the bloodline from the 1955 original. 

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2 July 2019 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Morten Borgestad - Bronze Lion

Bravo Morten Borgestad! A Bronze Lion at Cannes this year for Nordea's "One day you'll be the old one" campaign, of which Morten directed a series of 10 short films.

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26 June 2019 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, moving image

Jack Terry - Reflex X-Fit

Jack has been shooting some stills for Reflex X-Fit with the Reflex ambassador team in London.

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26 June 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, sports

George Logan - Namibia Road Trip

George Logan took a road trip accross Namibia and captured some amazing personal work.

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21 June 2019 | Tags: George Logan, on location, reportage

Gary Salter - EE Campaign

Gary Salter just shot this latest digital campaign for EE. Click through for the moving version.

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5 June 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter

Ilka & Franz - Guardian Weekend Pyramid

New still life work from Ilka & Franz. Pyramids for the Guardian Weekend.

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3 June 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, beauty

Florian Geiss - Personal Work

New personal work from Florian Geiss

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30 May 2019 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Personal

Ilka & Franz - Dairylea

Ilka & Franz dare you to check out this... their latest campaign for Dairylea, which can be seen up on posters around town now.

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22 May 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, children

Gary Salter - Warburtons

Gary Salter is proud to be involved, once again, with the latest Warburtons Blockbuster.

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16 May 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait

Jan Steinhilber - Porsche 911 Speedster

Jan Steinhilber brings us another exciting project for Porsche.

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14 May 2019 | Tags: Cars, Jan Steinhilber

Wilson Hennessy - El Mirage

Wilson Hennessy's latest project - El Mirage!

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10 May 2019 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, on location

James Bowden - Holi Festival India

James Bowden observed Holi whilst on his travels in India.

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9 May 2019 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel

Karen Thomas - Costa Iced Drinks 2019

Cool and smooth...that’s Karen Thomas latest work for Costa’s lovely summer drinks.


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8 May 2019 | Tags: Drink, Karen Thomas

Jack Terry - Esther

A new, intimate personal series from Jack Terry documenting the ever evolving life of his child, Esther. 

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7 May 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, children

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