Gary Salter - AOP Open Awards

Our very own Gary Salter has been selected to be featured in the AOP Open Award 2017. 

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18 August 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, awards

Congratulations Ilka & Franz

Congratulations Ilka & Franz for winning first place in the PDN Online The Look competition in the Motion/Multimedia category, with their all-GIF editorial for Schon Magazine.

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18 August 2017 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, awards

Colgate with George Logan

Pool party with George Logan! Check out the new summer campaign for Colgate. Many thanks to Art Director Tim and all the agency team.

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15 August 2017 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait

Tui - George Logan

What better way to entertain the kids this Summer holiday than a massive great climbing wall on the end of a cruise ship! George Logan shot this as part of a series for Tui. See the rest of the campaign here.

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8 August 2017 | Tags: George Logan, children, on location

In Conversation With: Jason Knott, LBBOnline

Our Jason Knott was interviewed by Curious Productions and talks about the meaning of life and everything, photographic... if you want to know how Jason Knott ticks, give it a read here!

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8 August 2017 | Tags: Jason Knott, behind the scenes

New work from Wilson Hennessy

Going on your holidays? Don't forget your trunks. New work from Wilson Hennessy... Just in time for summer!

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7 August 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Still Life

New Peugeot from Jan Steinhilber

Jan Steinhilber has been a busy boy. Here's a couple of new projects for Peugeot.

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4 August 2017 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Cars, on location

Leavers Day with Nick Dolding

New work from Nick Dolding! In this series Nick documents a frantic Leavers Day including a 20-a-side football match.

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3 August 2017 | Tags: Nick Dolding, children

Porsche 911 GT2RS from Jan Steinhilber

A whole new raft of images of the Porsche 911 GT2RS from Jan Steinhilber

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3 August 2017 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Cars, on location

George Logan - Born Free Marine Conservation

George Logan cares greatly about the environment, as shown through his many collaborations with the Born Free Foundation. This latest image was shot for the Born Free Marine Conservation campaign.

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3 August 2017 | Tags: George Logan, Charity

Marks & Spencer Dine's in with Karen Thomas... again!

Marks & Spencer's re-ran a campaign on Friday which was shot by Karen Thomas. They must love her work... almost as much as we love their £10 Dine in for Two deal!

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3 August 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Super Juice

More new work by Chelsea Bloxsome for Innocent Super Juice.

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31 July 2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink, Still Life

Summer 2017 Newsletter

Our latest Summer mailer newsletter should be landing on a desk near you anytime now, that's if you haven't already received one.

And for those of you who prefer your updates digitally - click here to view online.

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27 July 2017 | Tags: newsletter

Wilson Hennessy - Vintage F1

Wil Hennessy has been shooting some awesome classic F1 racecars.

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27 July 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Phil Sills - Bombay Sapphire

'Little differences make all the difference'. Phil Sills has been getting creative with flavours to compliment Bombay Sapphire Gin. 

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25 July 2017 | Tags: Drink, Phil Sills

Welcome Ilka and Franz!

Award-winning photographer duo Ilka and Franz are such a breath of fresh air. We are delighted to say they're now represented... by us! They're bright, colourful and fun. If only we could say the same about ourselves.

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11 July 2017 | Tags: Still Life, Portrait, Ilka and Franz

Karen Thomas - Sainsbury's 'Living Well'

Karen Thomas was delighted to be involved with the latest Sainsbury's summer campaign, 'Living Well'.

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5 July 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Bubbles

Chelsea Bloxsome recently shot the new campaign for Innocent Bubbles. 

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27 June 2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink

Gary Salter - Actimel

Gary Salter has just come back from shooting a new campaign for Actimel.

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22 June 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Chlesea Bloxsome - Innocent Benelux

More new work from Chelsea Bloxsome for Innocent – this time for the Benelux regions.

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22 June 2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Drink

Gary Salter - Seriously

Gary Salter shoots lots of moving image, but this latest for Seriously was a complex mix of Milo motion control, narration, music, performance, green screen, CGI and edit!

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22 June 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, moving image, Food

Morten Borgestad - PayPal

Morten Borgestad has just finished shooting nine films for PayPal. In this funny short, a holiday-goer is creatively reminded by his friend that he has an IOU... All production and post production handled by our wonderful team.

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12 June 2017 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, moving image

Alessandra Spairani - New Folio

We have a new folio in the H-S office... take a look at Alessandra Spairani's new book! 

See more of Alessandra's work on our Platform site, here.

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9 June 2017 | Tags: Alessandra Spairani, Portfolio, Food

Gary Salter - Vodafone

Gary Salter shot this latest ad for Vodafone Ireland Broadband, 'Theres no place like a Vodafone Home'. 

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6 June 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle

Wilson Hennessy - BMW 8 Series

Wilson Hennessy travelled to the south of France to photograph the stunning BMW 8 Series. 

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5 June 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

James Bowden - A Meaningful Journey: Perspective

Here's James Bowden in action! Outdoors brand Millican documents James Bowden on his photographic travels.

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5 June 2017 | Tags: James Bowden, on location

Jason Knott - E.ON

Children! Paint! Bathtime! What could possibly go wrong? Thanks to Dean, Harley and Lee at the agency for their support throughout (and mopping up afterwards).

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2 June 2017 | Tags: Jason Knott, Lifestyle, children

Wilson Hennessy - Renault F1 Vision

Wil Hennessy flew to Paris a few weeks back to shoot the beautiful Renault F1 Vision.

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30 May 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Nick Dolding - New Portfolio!

It has arrived. Nick Doldings porfolio is now in the office and ready to be shown off! 

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25 May 2017 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portfolio

Florian Geiss - Novartis

Festival season approaches! Florian Geiss shoots for Novartis with the team from BrawandRieken in Hamburg.

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18 May 2017 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Marco Mori - More from M&S 'Spend it Well'

More of Marco's new work with the M&S 'Spend It Well' campaign.

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18 May 2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

Marco Mori - M&S 'Spend it Well'

Marco Mori is back from shooting in Barcelona with the lovely crew from Grey London for Marks & Spencer.

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5 May 2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

May The Fourth Be With You - Wilson Hennessy

May the Fourth be with you! Wilson Hennessy works with Oreo's to recreate Darth Vader's portrait... yes those are all REAL oreos. 

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4 May 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Food

New work from George Logan

George Logan has been busy travelling to Africa to shoot for an Anti-Poaching Campaign.

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2 May 2017 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait

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