Our New Showreel

Although we shoot mostly stills, we're shooting more and more motion, so we thought we'd try to draw our photographer / directors together together into a showreel of their latest work for everything from social media to broadcast.

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9 August 2019 |

Marco Mori - Personal Work Asia

Marco Mori shot some great personal work in Thailand

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9 August 2019 | Tags: Marco Mori, on location, reportage

Ilka & Franz - N26

Some new playful work by Ilka & Franz for N26 Bank, a fuller selection of their work through here.

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9 August 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Wilson Hennessy - BMW Concept

Wilson Hennessy recently shot a BMW concept prototype in Munich

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31 July 2019 | Tags: Cars, Wilson Hennessy

Jason Knott - Blacksmith

Jason Knott's brings us some new heavy-hitting personal work.

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26 July 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, on location, Portrait

Additive CGI - Renault B10

Additive CGI beautifully 3D rendered the all-electric Renault B10

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24 July 2019 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Jason Knott - P&O Cruises

Jason Knott's new advert for P&O Cruises 

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8 July 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, on location

Gary Salter - Rowntree's Randoms

Here's Gary Salter being a little bit random!

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8 July 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Florian Geiss - Microsoft 365 & Alcon

Florian Geiss has just finished shooting for Microsoft 365 and Alcon. Here are a few of the results.

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4 July 2019 | Tags: Florian Geiss

George Logan - Anti Poaching in Kenya

George Logan has been shadowing the anti-poaching patrols with Kinetic 6 (secure communications company) and Born Free Foundation (international wildlife charity) in Kenya.

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4 July 2019 | Tags: George Logan, on location, landscape

Additive CGI - Alpine A110

Additive CGI created the 2019 Renault Alpine A110s in CG. This wonderful car is carries the bloodline from the 1955 original. 

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2 July 2019 | Tags: Additive, Cars

Morten Borgestad - Bronze Lion

Bravo Morten Borgestad! A Bronze Lion at Cannes this year for Nordea's "One day you'll be the old one" campaign, of which Morten directed a series of 10 short films.

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26 June 2019 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, moving image

Jack Terry - Reflex X-Fit

Jack has been shooting some stills for Reflex X-Fit with the Reflex ambassador team in London.

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26 June 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, sports

George Logan - Namibia Road Trip

George Logan took a road trip accross Namibia and captured some amazing personal work.

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21 June 2019 | Tags: George Logan, on location, reportage

Gary Salter - EE Campaign

Gary Salter just shot this latest digital campaign for EE. Click through for the moving version.

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5 June 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter

Ilka & Franz - Guardian Weekend Pyramid

New still life work from Ilka & Franz. Pyramids for the Guardian Weekend.

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3 June 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, beauty

Florian Geiss - Personal Work

New personal work from Florian Geiss

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30 May 2019 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Personal

Ilka & Franz - Dairylea

Ilka & Franz dare you to check out this... their latest campaign for Dairylea, which can be seen up on posters around town now.

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22 May 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, children

Gary Salter - Warburtons

Gary Salter is proud to be involved, once again, with the latest Warburtons Blockbuster.

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16 May 2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait

Jan Steinhilber - Porsche 911 Speedster

Jan Steinhilber brings us another exciting project for Porsche.

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14 May 2019 | Tags: Cars, Jan Steinhilber

Wilson Hennessy - El Mirage

Wilson Hennessy's latest project - El Mirage!

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10 May 2019 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars, on location

James Bowden - Holi Festival India

James Bowden observed Holi whilst on his travels in India.

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9 May 2019 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel

Karen Thomas - Costa Iced Drinks 2019

Cool and smooth...that’s Karen Thomas latest work for Costa’s lovely summer drinks.


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8 May 2019 | Tags: Drink, Karen Thomas

Jack Terry - Esther

A new, intimate personal series from Jack Terry documenting the ever evolving life of his child, Esther. 

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7 May 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, children

Wilson Hennessy - Tiki cups

Three heads are better than one! New still-life work from Wilson Hennessy

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30 April 2019 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Still Life

Jack Terry - Reflex Campaign Video

Jack Terry's latest moving image work was a piece created to promote the new Reflex Functional Training range. Shot with the Reflex ambassador team in London.

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25 April 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, sports, moving image

Wilson Hennessy - Toyota Yaris

Wilson Hennessy shot this new project to launch the all new Toyota Yaris at the New York International Auto Show, for Saatchi & Saatchi, L.A. It was shot in a car studio on the cove with the sets in miniature on the side shot simultaneously. He loved combining cars and still life backgrounds to create these fun colourful images.  

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24 April 2019 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Jason Knott - Allianz

Another new shoot by Jason Knott for Allianz and another great collaboration with Constantine, Daniel and Nadine at SiR MaRY.


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17 April 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, Still Life, on location

Wilson Hennessy - Vauxhall Crossland

Wilson Hennessy this time, shooting for Vauxhall. Here's what he said about the shoot: "We combined the classic red white and blue colours for an eternally British brand. We built the road and shot it all in the studio working with an awesome team from Velocity."


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16 April 2019 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Ilka & Franz - Wired Magazine 10 Year Anniversary

Ilka & Franz work for Wired Magazines 10 Year Anniversary issue has hit the shelves. Grab it whilst it's hot!

Paper Props by @lydiakshirreff

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11 April 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, newsletter, promotional

Phil Sills - New Drinks Shots 2019

A couple of new ones from Phil Sills, showing us why he's our resident drinks photographer.

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10 April 2019 | Tags: Drink, Phil Sills

Florian Geiss - Re:Label Video

Florian Geiss' latest work, shot for Re.Label, has an accompanying video (also shot/directed by Florian).

Re.Label is a project for SOS Kinderdorfer, aimed at highlighting the unethical practices maintained in the Bangladeshi textile industry.

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9 April 2019 | Tags: Florian Geiss, moving image

George Logan - Born Free: The Lions Of Lyon

George Logan and the Born Free Foundation collaborate once again. Here's what George had to say about this project, entitled: The Lions of Lyon.

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5 April 2019 | Tags: George Logan, animals

Happy International Carrot Day!

It’s International Carrot day and we’ve been shooting them so often we now work at even lower ISO (little photographer joke for you there)...  these pictures from our photographers: Karen Thomas, Ilka & Franz and George Logan.

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4 April 2019 | Tags: George Logan, Ilka and Franz, Karen Thomas

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