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Life, Love, Food

1.5.2024 | Tags: James Bowden, location,, Lifestyle, outdoors

We've created a new gallery 'Life, Love, Food' to showcase some of James Bowden's latest photos of family life.

Land and Water

20.3.2024 | Tags: James Bowden, location,, Lifestyle, outdoors, Model,

Paul Whitehouse Get Your Guide

5.3.2024 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, Celebrity, alongside motion

National Rail

28.2.2024 | Tags: People, Model,, Megan Eagles,, Lifestyle, Travel




12.12.2023 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle


6.12.2023 | Tags: People, Megan Eagles,, Travel, Model,, Lifestyle


Meghan Eagles shot an authentic travel story to show how Airbnb Rooms helps guests to experience a place like a local

Don't Imprison the Wind

20.11.2023 | Tags: James Bowden, landscape, location,, Lifestyle, outdoors

New short film co-directed by James Bowden

24 Hour Le Lawn

15.11.2023 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle

Lawn Mower Racing in the UK, as captured by Jack Terry.

Lilian, Kenya

30.8.2023 | Tags: Lifestyle, Travel, People, Personal

Meet Megan Eagles

11.8.2023 | Tags: Megan Eagles,, People, observational, Portrait, Lifestyle

Megan Eagles is a people-focused photographer with a documentary slant.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

13.7.2023 | Tags: Nick Dolding, People, Personal, Lifestyle

It's Pimm's O'Clock!

6.7.2023 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle


9.5.2023 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, outdoors, People

Shots by James Bowden for Osprey


22.3.2023 | Tags: Lifestyle, Florian Geiss, outdoors, Portrait

With his keen eye for detail and knack for capturing the essence of his subjects, these portraits are sure to leave you feeling inspired. 


2.2.2023 | Tags: Lifestyle, James Bowden, Portrait, outdoors, People, location,

James Bowden has done it again, another beautiful series for Finisterre. 

Land and Water

6.12.2022 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, outdoors, People

A collection of images celebrating Land and Water by James Bowden. 

Tourism Croatia

8.11.2022 | Tags: Lifestyle, Florian Geiss, People

Jim Beam

28.7.2022 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle, Drink

New work from Florian Geiss for Jim Beam. Once again succesfully combining stills and moving image as part of a single day shoot. You can see the results of the moving image over on Horton's Short'Uns here

AF Webb Shoot for Adidas

5.7.2022 | Tags: AF Webb, Lifestyle, sports

Jason Knott Shoots for P&O Cruises

29.6.2022 | Tags: Lifestyle, Travel

A great client, fabulous new ship and lots of sunshine.  Thanks, P&O, for having us on board!

PWC Campaign by Gary Salter

27.6.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location, Lifestyle

Working alongside a fantastic creative agency team and a wonderful client team is always a marriage made in heaven...


21.6.2022 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, Drink, Food, campaign

Eating and drinking al fresco! Jack Terry's latest for 7up. 


14.6.2022 | Tags: James Bowden, outdoors, Lifestyle

Shooting wild swimmers, in the ocean on the Cornish coast... sounds like one for James Bowden! Not suprising then that he jumped at the opportunity when Speedo came calling to capture and document their new sustainable swimwear range in action. 

Jack Terry For PayPal

12.5.2022 | Tags: Jack Terry, observational, Lifestyle, humour, campaign

PayPal is recognised worldwide and makes life easier.  That's the same as Jack Terry who was responsible for stills and motion on this new poster campaign. We like to think we make life easier too.

Miller Time

28.4.2022 | Tags: Florian Geiss, on location, Lifestyle

Our new campaign for PWC is just breaking!

18.10.2021 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle

This seen out today at Euston Railway Station and five more to come. Great collaboration from agency and client throughout and great team on production our side too.


11.10.2021 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle

Recent work from Jack Terry for Valspar. A mammoth shoot that involved decorating a location house top to bottom... then redecorating it back again. Lots of stills and moving image captured and a very happy client!

Introducing AF Webb

19.8.2021 | Tags: Lifestyle, AF Webb, Experimental, Conceptual

There’s nothing we like more than showing work that we can be pretty certain you haven’t seen before and launching it on an unsuspecting world. AF Webb’s portfolio is fizzing with energy and potential! 

Jason Knott news

1.7.2021 | Tags: Portrait, Lifestyle

It all goes on down at The Libertines Hotel, but it always stays on tour!

Jack Terry Work Out On The Billboards

24.6.2021 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle

Loving seeing these out!

Introducing Jack Lawson

17.5.2021 | Tags: Lifestyle, Jack Lawson

One of the most pleasurable parts of our profession is launching new talent on an unsuspecting world! We always keep our eyes open but rarely find someone that feels just right.  We loved Jack Lawson’s work the moment we saw it and it’s a great mix of lifestyle alongside some amazing personal projects from Uganda and Ghana. His gallery is now live!

James Bowden - New Finisterre

4.3.2021 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

The last thing you want to see in the middle of a national lockdown.... shots of travel and the great outdoors! But what lovely shots they are. Shot by our James Bowden for outdoors brand Finisterre. 

Jack Terry - Herman Miller

11.12.2020 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, moving image

Excited to be able to share new work from Jack Terry. A new campaign shot for Herman Miller and their range of gaming chairs. Jack shot moving image alongside the stills, which you can see over on our moving image site - here

James Bowden - Berghaus

26.10.2020 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle

James Bowden packed his camera and cagoule before heading to the hills in this new set of work for Berghaus. 

Nick Dolding - Specsavers

13.8.2020 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Lifestyle, Portrait, back of tv

New from Nick Dolding, a series shot on the back of a TV shoot for Specsavers.

Home Working #4 - Jack Terry

21.4.2020 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, home working

It's amazing what you can do using only the locations and people you're locked down with. Jack Terry has three models and a host of locations at his disposal, and all without leaving the house.

Jason Knott - New Work, New Folio

7.2.2020 | Tags: Lifestyle

A raft of new work from Jason Knott and a great new look! We've got a new folio here in the office, so get in touch if you'd like to see it.

Karen Thomas

11.11.2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Lifestyle, Food

Karen Thomas Shot on location in Camden, Sam's 'Secretly Easy' Choc Key Lime Pie is delicious. Yum!

Jack Terry - Esther

7.5.2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, Lifestyle, children

A new, intimate personal series from Jack Terry documenting the ever evolving life of his child, Esther. 

Jason Knott - Runner series

7.8.2018 | Tags: Lifestyle, sports

Jason Knott combines his stills & moving-image expertise in this latest sporty lifestyle shoot of team GB sprinter, Melissa Owusu-Ansah.

Nick Dolding - Cape Verde

23.5.2018 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Lifestyle, sports, Travel

We love this new series from Nick Dolding! Shot whilst travelling in Cape Verde recently. See more of Nick's portraiture and lifestyle work over in his gallery here.

James Bowden - Finisterre

22.11.2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

James Bowden caught another wave for Finisterre, a clothing brand for which he has a natural outdoors affinity and with whom he has collaborated for many years.

New Work from James Bowden

25.10.2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle

James Bowden has just come back from his latest travel adventure, and with a whole new batch of lifestyle shots.

Florian Geiss - Comdirect

24.10.2017 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Florian Geiss has just shot a new set of lifestyle stills and moving image for German bank Comdirect.

Gary Salter - Vodafone

6.6.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle

Gary Salter shot this latest ad for Vodafone Ireland Broadband, 'Theres no place like a Vodafone Home'. 

Jason Knott - E.ON

2.6.2017 | Tags: Lifestyle, children

Children! Paint! Bathtime! What could possibly go wrong? Thanks to Dean, Harley and Lee at the agency for their support throughout (and mopping up afterwards).

Florian Geiss - Novartis

18.5.2017 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Festival season approaches! Florian Geiss shoots for Novartis with the team from BrawandRieken in Hamburg.

Marco Mori - More from M&S 'Spend it Well'

18.5.2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

More of Marco's new work with the M&S 'Spend It Well' campaign.

Marco Mori - M&S 'Spend it Well'

5.5.2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

Marco Mori is back from shooting in Barcelona with the lovely crew from Grey London for Marks & Spencer.

New work from Florian Geiss

23.2.2017 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Florian Geiss can always find winter sun- here are some new shots from Carolina Bay in Bermuda.

See more of Florians work here

Interview with James Bowden

31.1.2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle

On the back of coming first place in their lifestyle photography competition, James Bowden sat down with the guys from Monster Children magazine to answer a few questions. Read the interview here.

The latest from James Bowden

26.1.2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

James Bowden gets around! Here's a new set of images from his latest adventures.

Alessandra Spairani - Fresh Pasta

24.1.2017 | Tags: Lifestyle, Food

Alessandra visits Emilias Pasta, where she captures the process and essence of hand cooked Italian dishes. 

See more of Alessandras Lifestyle and food in her gallery

George Logan - Thomson TUI

4.1.2017 | Tags: George Logan, Lifestyle, on location, Travel

George Logan captures the holiday of dreams in his latest campaign with Thomson TUI. 

Gary Salter -

20.12.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle, promotional, humour

Gary Salter is 'so MoneySuperMarket' as he shoots stills for their latest campaign... Strike a pose boys!

James Bowden - Monster Children Winner!

2.12.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel, awards

Congratulations James, who came first in the lifestyle category in the Monster Children Photo Prize for this beauty of a shot from his recent travels in Norway. 

Tesco Christmas Campaign - James Bowden

28.11.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Food, Lifestyle, Christmas

The Tesco Christmas campaign is currently showing on a billboard near you! Shot by our very own James Bowden

James Bowden - Specsavers

16.11.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle

Here's some new shots from James Bowden's latest shoot for the Specsavers campaign. 

New work from Florian Geiss

9.11.2016 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle, children

Florian Geiss rarely puts his camera down - here's a new set of images from our prolific lifestyler. 

Jason Knott for Go Compare

2.9.2016 | Tags: Lifestyle

Jason Knott recently shot this new campaign for  Big thanks to Jen, Ian and the fantastic crew.

Lot's more lifestyle work over in Jason's gallery - here

New work by James Bowden

31.8.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

James Bowden continues his adventures into the wild. 

Marco Mori's latest for Vodafone

18.8.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

Marco Mori has continued his partnership with Vodafone... This time to promote their Home Broadband.

Wilson Hennessy - Grey Matter

29.7.2016 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Still Life, Lifestyle

Wilson Hennesy has shot for Calibre magazine.

Ho Chi Minh Masks from Gary Salter

11.7.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle, Portrait

Gary Salter has been photographing a new personal project in Vietnam, focusing on the masked citizens of Ho Chi Minh city.

Introducing... Marco Mori

10.4.2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle, Portrait

We're happy to announce the newest member to the Horton-Stephens stable - Mr. Marco Mori.

New from James Bowden

23.3.2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel, landscape

James Bowden is back from another trip away. As usual the great outdoors and surfing beckoned and he was travelling for over a month. We miss him when he’s away, but as he came back with another armful of photos, we couldn’t complain.

Florian Geiss - New Website!

16.3.2016 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Florian Geiss has just launched a new personal website. Full to the brim with new shots - including a raft of campaigns, personal projects, films and lots more.  You can see it here.

New lifestyle campaign from Florian Geiss

22.12.2015 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Here's the latest from our newest recruit - Florian Geiss. A great set of natural lifestyle images for German client - Barmer Gek. 

James Bowden - Iceland

12.11.2015 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel, Portrait, Lifestyle

Here's a new set of images from James Bowden, from his latest trip to Iceland.

Lots more adventure filled work over in James' gallery - here

Introducing... Florian Geiss

23.9.2015 | Tags: Lifestyle, Florian Geiss

One of our favourite things is introducing photographers who have just joined us so... *cue fanfare*... we have great pleasure introducing Florian Geiss! Actually, Florian needs little introduction; he's a world class photographer, well known for shooting some of the world’s biggest campaigns. He’s shooting a lot of moving image too these days and he blends this seamlessly with the stills.

Hitting the surf with James Bowden

18.6.2015 | Tags: James Bowden, Travel, Lifestyle

Not many appreciate the surf like our James Bowden.

He'll travel far and wide chasing the perfect wave. In fact, you'll currently find him doing just that in Tasmania and Australia.

James will be back on local soil in the coming weeks, armed with a whole new bunch of photographs no doubt!

Jason Knott - Subaru

3.6.2015 | Tags: Cars, Lifestyle, Travel

A couple of Subaru cars, a bunch of models and some stunning locations is all you need to create the perfect lifestyle car campaign! 

Oh and of course a top class photographer! In this instance, the fantastic Jason Knott

Platform - Carolina Reid

21.5.2015 | Tags: Platform, Lifestyle, Travel

Have you checked out our new Platform section yet, showcasing the very newest talent? Carolina Reid is the latest addition, and we're extremely excited to show you her work. 

Carolina's portfolio revolves around her extensive travel. We love her sense of colour and ability to capture life and culture around the world.

Here's a selection of our favourites, but there's lots more to see over in her gallery - here.

Platform - Alessandra Spairani

20.5.2015 | Tags: Platform, Food, Lifestyle

If you haven't checked out our Platform section yet, you're missing out! Alessandra Spairani is the latest in this roster of young fresh talent.

Alessandra's beautiful work comes from her own passion for food and travel. Her mix of  travel and foody lifestyle, all shot with refreshing honesty, is what first caught our eye.

Click here to see her selection on the site.

Nick Dolding

10.6.2014 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Lifestyle

Nick Dolding took advantage of the glorious weather and made a trip to his local skate park to capture these great new shots.

See more sunny lifestyle over in Nick's folio.

Introducing Mr. James Bowden

8.5.2014 | Tags: Lifestyle, James Bowden

We're extremely proud to announce a new player on to the Horton-Stephens team.

... a warm welcome to James Bowden.

Jason Knott Lifestyle

4.3.2014 | Tags: Lifestyle

A whole bunch of new lifestyle work over on our website from Jason Knott. All shot over the past couple of months between Paris and Dubai.

Morten Borgestad Portraits

24.2.2014 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, Portrait, Lifestyle

Illustrating how it looks to be lucky/unlucky, to fall out of love, and being young and growing old. The latter being a portrait of Norway's oldest man, at 107, with his great grandson.

Jason Knott in Dubai

20.2.2014 | Tags: Lifestyle

Jason Knott really gets about. Dubai one month, South Africa the next. Get him where the sun is shining - it's a recipe for success!

NIck Dolding brings the heat

24.9.2013 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Lifestyle

Summer is officially over. Reminisce in this fantastic new set of lifestyle images from Nick Dolding - shot on the hottest day of the year.

Click here to see more.

Jason Knott captures the best of the British summer

23.8.2013 | Tags: Portrait, Lifestyle

Jason Knott has been outside capturing happy memories of the British summer. Let's hope the weather is as good over the bank holiday! Click here to see the rest of the series.

H-S Location Vehicle

16.8.2013 | Tags: Lifestyle

Introducing the newest member of the Horton-Stephens family, our location vehicle, Bridget (the Midget)! A Fiat 900E Pandora, born in 1983.

Bridget has certainly been busy already, having just returned from a trip scouting locations along the picturesque Welsh coastline.

George Logan in Skye and Hong Kong

1.6.2012 | Tags: George Logan, behind the scenes, Lifestyle

Here's a few snaps from George's recent DHL shoot on location in Skye and Hong Kong. It was great to work alongside Tim, John and Emma. Thanks guys.

The campaign is still yet to be released... so watch this space.

George Logan - O2 Priority Moments

10.5.2012 | Tags: George Logan, Lifestyle

George flew back to Spain to shoot his second O2 campaign of 2012. Working back alongside Creatives Veryan Prigg and Kieran Knight, George shot another set of fantastic Ads.

Click here for more. To see George's online folio click here. 

Jason Knott's out and about in NYC

19.4.2012 | Tags: Charity, Lifestyle

Jason's shooting for a well known charity out in NYC at the moment... But he still found the time to send back some great test shots!

To see Jason's online portfolio, including his new 'car' subgallery click here.

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