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5.7.2024 | Tags: Gary Salter, Charity, campaign, studio

Supporting Local Charities


22.4.2024 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, campaign

Samuel L. Jackson for Warburtons

2.4.2024 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait, campaign

Samuel L. Jackson is the latest to be shot by our Gary Salter for Warburtons


26.2.2024 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, campaign, studio

Dawn on Lake Windermere

16.1.2024 | Tags: Gary Salter, landscape, outdoors

Cold and frosty mornings are back. Beautiful shots of the dawn mist on Lake Windermere by Gary Salter.

New Warburtons Films feat. Samuel L. Jackson

9.10.2023 | Tags: moving image, Gary Salter, Celebrity, humour, Advert, campaign

Watch the full film featuring Samuel L. Jackson as Jonathan Warburton

Chelsea Bloxsome Juggles New Motherhood and Work in this fun BTS film

2.10.2023 | Tags: moving image, Gary Salter, Celebrity, humour, Advert, campaign

So near Yeti so far

27.3.2023 | Tags: Gary Salter, studio, location,, Advert


6.2.2023 | Tags: location,, studio, People, Gary Salter


Part 2!


11.1.2023 | Tags: Gary Salter, People, back of tv, Advert

Josh and Nish work in local newspapers and fail to make the grade in this interesting new Sky Max series. Gary Salter shot the promo posters for Sky Creative. 

Nectar with Gary Salter featuring Santa

22.12.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter

Nectar with Gary Salter featuring Santa. He’s a canny shopper who now gets an Elffy discount on all his shopping and enough points for a bigger present.

O Gary, Gary, wherefore art thou Gary?

19.12.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter, studio, location,

O Gary, Gary, wherefore art thou Gary?

Latest from Gary Salter with the help of the amazing team at The Production Factory.  Another one to add to his Amazon series. 


The Amazon Yeti

30.11.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter, Advert, campaign

Just in case you haven't seen the illusive Amazon Black Friday Yeti, here are some stills of him in his natural habitat, captured by Gary Salter. 

Amazon Black Friday

16.11.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter, tv, Product,, campaign

What a legend! For once, not our Gary Salter, but the elusive Yeti, who despite living in the wilds, is still eligible for delivery from Amazon. This is part of a fantastic campaign for Amazon themselves, with stills and broadcast TVC directed by Gary Salter, more to follow! 

PWC Campaign by Gary Salter

27.6.2022 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location, Lifestyle

Working alongside a fantastic creative agency team and a wonderful client team is always a marriage made in heaven...

LNER Back on Track Campaign

10.11.2021 | Tags: Gary Salter

Another shoot by Gary working alongside colleagues shooting the TVC.  As always, time at an absolute premium and lots of pressure to get the best results. Luckily we're used to this!

Our new campaign for PWC is just breaking!

18.10.2021 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle

This seen out today at Euston Railway Station and five more to come. Great collaboration from agency and client throughout and great team on production our side too.

Creativepool Annual 2021 Awards

14.9.2021 | Tags: Gary Salter, awards

Only 102 shopping days until Christmas, so an excuse to post this... Gary Salter's Santa for the British Retail Consortium, picked up the People's Choice prize in the OOH Creative category at the Creativepool Annual awards. 

Gary Salter - BT

18.6.2021 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location

New work from Gary Salter for BT.

Gary Salter NHS

2.3.2021 | Tags: Gary Salter

This month we were involved with something that might just help save someone’s life. M&C Saatchi have just launched more excellent work for the NHS and this latest campaign, shot by Gary Salter, highlights the need to watch out for the warning signs of Lung Cancer, something somewhat sidelined by Covid.

Gary Salter - Christmas Windows

15.12.2020 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational, Christmas

Gary Salter is always observing the world through his lens. We love this new series of Christmas Windows, taken during a recent trip to Chile. 

Gary Salter - British Retail Consortium

29.10.2020 | Tags: Gary Salter, Christmas

Christmas has come early for Gary Salter who has just shot this ad for the British Retail Consortium, in an effort to get the British public on the high street and filling up their stockings ready for Christmas. 

Gary Salter - Southend Observations

11.6.2020 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Gary Salter has been prowling the coast with his camera again. This time with some observations from Southend-on-Sea. 

Stay Home Heroes Campaign

29.4.2020 | Tags: home working, Gary Salter, Marco Mori, George Logan, Jack Terry, Charity

What better way to show our capabilities of working from home with a whole new campaign of images, shot for a great initiative, encouraging people to protect the NHS by being "Stay Home Heroes".

Gary Salter - TransPennine Express

8.1.2020 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location

Our Gary Salter is going places even quicker now that he’s been on the TransPennine Railway courtesy of The Engine Group’s new campaign.

Gary Salter - Hey Car

8.10.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location

Gary Salter just shot this new campaign out on location for Hey Car

Gary Salter - Rowntree's Randoms

8.7.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Here's Gary Salter being a little bit random!

Gary Salter - EE Campaign

5.6.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter just shot this latest digital campaign for EE. Click through for the moving version.

Gary Salter - Warburtons

16.5.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait

Gary Salter is proud to be involved, once again, with the latest Warburtons Blockbuster.

Gary Salter - DHSC Carers

12.3.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location

A new national recruitment campaign to help fill the 110,000 vacancies in the adult social care sector has launched.

Gary Salter and ourselves were proud to have been involved with such a worthy project, shot with real carers / carees, working with Engine Group. Big thanks to Charlie, Bilel, Richard, Stuart and team

Gary Salter - Ranulph Fiennes

7.3.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Ahead of explorer Ranulph Fiennes birthday, Bear Grylls will be talking candidly to the adventurer at the Southbank Centre. Main image captured by Gary Salter.

Gary Salter - Specsavers

6.3.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Specsavers are proud to be official partners of Red Nose Day for the third time and our photographer Gary Salter couldn't be happier.


Gary Salter - SKY VIP

4.1.2019 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Soaring high with Gary Salter on his latest shoot for Sky! This time it's for their VIP loyalty programme. Much thanks to all involved.

Gary Salter - Torremolinos

23.10.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, reportage, Travel

Life's a beach. Gary Salter shoots in Torremolinos. Find these shots in Gary's "Observations" gallery.

Gary Salter - Colombia

10.8.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, Travel

Gary Salter was shooting in Colombia recently and these shots are amongst our favourites.

Gary Salter - VISA

10.7.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter shot this set of stills for VISA's World Cup contactless campaign. 

Gary Salter - Barry's Bootcamp

4.4.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, on location

A new shot from Gary Salter. Barry's Bootcamp for the Observer magazine. See more over in Gary's gallery here

Gary Salter - APA 'Off the clock' awards

21.3.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational, awards

Gary Salter has 3 images selected for APA's 'off the clock' award. An award that focusses specifically on non-commissioned, personal work. 

Money Supermarket TVC

16.2.2018 | Tags: moving image, Gary Salter

Gary Salter recently shot stills for Money Supermarket... not content with that alone, he shot a TV commercial too!  Always nice shooting for Mother.. stills and TVC, not a problem...

Gary Salter's Inflatable Men

16.2.2018 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Gary Salter must have been influenced by Antonioni's "Blow-Up"... a new series of beach inflatables.

Bad Habits - Gary Salter

6.12.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter shot the cast of reality show, Bad Habits, in this recent campaign for channel 5.

Gary Salter - MBNA

23.11.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Gary Salter once again shoots the MBNA geeks for this latest movie poster campaign. 

Gary Salter - Money Supermarket Gifs

25.10.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, moving image

He-Man and Skeletor show off their best moves in these latest gifs from Gary Salter. Shot for Money Supermarket.

AOP Awards Exhibition with Gary Salter

12.10.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, awards

Our very own Gary Salter has been selected to be featured in the AOP Awards Exhibition this evening. 

Gary Salter - He-Man and Skeletor for Money Supermarket

11.10.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

We're so Money Supermarket. Here are some of the latest shots from Gary Salter's shoot with He-Man and Skeletor for Money Supermarket.

Puppy Love taken by Gary Salter

19.9.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Puppy Love... The latest in Gary Salter's ongoing Observations.

Observations in Benidorm with Gary Salter

7.9.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Gary Salter visited Benidorm recently and shot a new series of images. The view out to sea is best... it has the most hi-rise buildings per capita in the world.


Gary Salter - AOP Open Awards

18.8.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, awards

Our very own Gary Salter has been selected to be featured in the AOP Open Award 2017. 

Gary Salter - Actimel

22.6.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Gary Salter has just come back from shooting a new campaign for Actimel.

Gary Salter - Seriously

22.6.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, moving image, Food

Gary Salter shoots lots of moving image, but this latest for Seriously was a complex mix of Milo motion control, narration, music, performance, green screen, CGI and edit!

Gary Salter - Vodafone

6.6.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle

Gary Salter shot this latest ad for Vodafone Ireland Broadband, 'Theres no place like a Vodafone Home'. 

Gary Salter and Skeletor - Money Super Market Campaign

2.5.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour, Portrait

He-Man's arch nemesis, Skeletor, is featured in the new Money Supermarket Campaign shot by our Gary Salter.

Gary Salter - Novartis

21.2.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

'Everything is under control'. Gary Salter shoots different hypertension patients in stressful everyday situations for Novartis Healthcare.

Gary Salter - Capital One

17.2.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, sports

Gary Salter shoots a lot of moving imagery...

Gary Salter - Incrimination

16.2.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Gary Salter's new personal series, Incrimination, sets out to illustrate the murkier side of the British Police Force via the story of an innocent man being wrongfully accused in an interrogation room.

New work from Gary Salter

2.2.2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

We've just added some new shots to Gary Salters observations gallery. Have a closer look here.

Gary Salter -

20.12.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle, promotional, humour

Gary Salter is 'so MoneySuperMarket' as he shoots stills for their latest campaign... Strike a pose boys!

Arla - Gary Salter

3.11.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, humour

New work from Gary Salter - shot for Arla.
A big thanks to Katya and Emma at the agency.
See more of Gary's work in his online gallery - here.

AOP Finalist - Gary Salter

13.10.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

It's great to hear that Gary Salter is a finallist in the AOP Awards 2016

New Dolmio work from Gary Salter

8.9.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Food, humour

Gary Salter photographed the Dolmio Family... Mama, Papa, Carlo, Sophia, Nick and Nina,  for the latest International Dolmio campaign.

Gary Salter - Hogwarts Express

5.8.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, on location

On the back of yesterday's sell-out Harry Potter ticket extravaganza - we thought it would be apt timing to reshare this shoot from Gary Salter and the Hogwarts Express.

See more of Gary's commissioned work online here.

Come Fly with me

28.7.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational, Portrait

Gary Salter has been out observing Kite enthusiasts!

Gary Salter - Dream Team

25.7.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, sports, humour

Just as one football season comes to an end, we are getting fired up for the next. 

Cape Town - New shots from Gary Salter

15.7.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, observational

While out in South Africa for a recent shoot, Gary Salter hit the beach to shoot these new shots for a persoanl series.

Ho Chi Minh Masks from Gary Salter

11.7.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Lifestyle, Portrait

Gary Salter has been photographing a new personal project in Vietnam, focusing on the masked citizens of Ho Chi Minh city.

Gary Salter - MBNA 'Payment Ninjas'

18.2.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Gary Salter just shot MBNA's "Payment Ninjas" in conjunction with their new TV spot.

See more of Gary's character based portraits in his gallery - here.

Powwownow - Gary Salter

6.1.2016 | Tags: Gary Salter

A great campaign to kick off 2016 from Gary Salter for Powwownow.

Gary Salter - B&Q Christmas Tree

1.12.2015 | Tags: Gary Salter

Let's start off December with something Christmassy... Gary Salter just shot this new campaign for B&Q.

ITV's Rugby World Cup campaign from Gary Salter

16.9.2015 | Tags: Gary Salter, sports, Portrait

With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, our Gary Salter had the privilege of shooting the one and only Jonny Wilkinson for ITV's campaign of their 2015 coverage.

Come on England!!

Gary Salter shoots Sylvester Stallone for new Warburtons Campaign

13.4.2015 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, Celebrity

We've had to keep this one under wraps for quite some time, but we're excited to be able to show Gary Salter's latest campaign for Warburtons.

Featuring none other than Mr. Rocky himself - Sylvester Stallone!

This was shot for Warburtons fantastic #TheDeliverers campaign, which you'll be seeing a lot of over the coming weeks.

Gary is of course no stranger to shooting celebrities. See more over in his folio.

Hogwarts Express from Gary Salter

1.4.2015 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter recently headed down to platform 9¾ to shoot the famous Hogwarts Express for Warner Bros.

Here's a poster we spotted down the tube. 

Big thanks to Dave and Siobhan at the agency.

For more of Gary's commissioned work click here.


Cancer Research UK from Gary Salter

30.3.2015 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter recently shot this ad for Cancer Research UK.

Thanks to Ali and Ed at the agency.

Lots more commissioned work for your viewing pleasure over in Gary's gallery.

A Christmas less ordinary

9.12.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Some more festive ads for you. This time, from our Gary Salter for Not on the High Street.

Gary Salter for Boots

25.11.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Believe it or not, this is not a real dinosaur! Just a whole load of camera trickery....

Gary Salter had a blast shooting this one for Boots. A big shout out and thanks to David, Nick, Simon and Claire at the agency.

There's lots of new work in Gary's folio at the moment. Go take a look.

The Mark of a Runner

17.11.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter shot across the Atlantic to shoot this fantastic series of environmental portraits for Brooks running shoes.

Trick or Treat!!

31.10.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Happy Halloween folks!

Ikea Alphabet from Gary Salter

30.10.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Did you see Gary Salter's work for the recent Ikea campaign?

Pop Goes The Weasel

13.10.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter just shot this eerie ad for this latest Penguin book - "Pop Goes The Weasel" by M.J.Arlidge.

Gary Salter's Little Legends commission

9.10.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Footballers are getting younger by the day! 

Gary Salter just shot these 'little legends' for Capital One.

Ikea A to Zzz

17.9.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter worked on this fantastic new app for Ikea.

IPA Best of Health Awards

17.8.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter has just picked up another couple of prizes at the IPA Best of Health awards,

New observational imagery from Gary Salter

12.8.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Gary Salter capturing  the everyday. 

Gary Salter

30.6.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Well, we can't neglect the tennis can we!

We absolutely love this new shot of Gary Salter's. A great shoot with a great bunch of kids.

Big thanks to Alan at Virgin Active.

Gary Salter's latest observational photographs

27.5.2014 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter has a knack of making everyday life look a lot more interesting than it actually is!

Head over to Gary's folio, where we've just added a whole heap of new, clever observational images.

Gary Salter for Sun-Pat peanut butter

5.11.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Food

Gary Salter has just shot this ad for Sun-Pat peanut butter with our good friends from Karmarama.

Big thanks to Rich, Claudia and Martin at the agency. See more of Gary's commissioned work here.

Gary Salter shoots Gordan

23.10.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Food

Gary Salter had the pleasure of shooting Mr. Gordon Ramsay for this months Observer Food Monthly magazine.

Gary's cover was 1 of 10 covers celebrating the 10th Food Monthly Awards.

Gary Salter adds another stunning portrait to this portfolio

17.10.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Gary Salter has been a very busy boy this year. Adding to his vast portfolio of portraiture, Gary recently shot this stunning portrait of Ranulph Fiennes for WIRED magazine.

See more of Gary's fantastic commissioned work here.

Gary Salter takes Metro by storm

29.8.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter

A second great set of Metro images in as many months for Gary Salter.

Gary Salter wins 'Best use of Photography'

3.7.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Gary Salter has won "Best use of Photography" at the IPA Best of Health Awards 2013 for these powerful British Skin Foundation ads, shot for Langland.

See more of Gary's great commissioned work here.

Gary Salter shoots Metro Play campaign for DARE

25.6.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

You may very well have spotted some of these characters on your commute this morning. Gary Salter shoots this Metro Play campaign for DARE.

Gary Salter shoots Harry Hill for Wig Wednesday

5.6.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait, Charity

Harry Hill had the pleasure of being captured by Gary Salter last month. Shot for Wig Wednesday in support of CLIC Sargent.

Gary Salter shares haunting image from recent trip to the Tate

29.5.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Gary Salter captured this haunting image on a recent visit to the Tate. Click here to see more haunting images in his London Dungeons gallery.

Gary Salter's campaign for Huggies

8.5.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Gary Salter's latest campaign for Huggies.

All shot in Los Angeles for Ogilvy Chicago with our most excellent New York affiliate Ralph Mennemeyer (M Represents).

See the other image here.

Gary Salter shoots for MTV's 'The Valleys'

4.4.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Gary Salter just shot this new image for the second series of MTV's The Valleys. What a ruckus!

Gary Salter's billboards are up for the London Dungeon

13.3.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter

If your trip to work involves Waterloo Station then look out for our photographer Gary Salter's HUGE posters promoting the London Dungeon - they're everywhere! Click here to see more of them scattered around the station.

See all the shots in our Dungeon's gallery here.

Gary Salter's new London Dungeon campaign

26.2.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Whips, chains and throat slitting barbers are not something we'd usually promote here at Horton-Stephens. But our photographer Gary Salter has recently shot the London Dungeon new campaign and it looks great. Click here to see the series if you dare.....

Gary Salter's amazing new shots for Vodafone

29.1.2013 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter's heroic new shots for Vodafone are enough to brighten up any dreary London morning. 

With thanks to Murray, Alex and the team.

Gary Salter's doggie school

6.12.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, animals

Thanks to Ed from Mother reminding us of this great shot Gary did of a doggie school for Grey's.

Gary Salter bags Page 3 spot!

16.11.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter

Gary Salter's finally got the Page 3 spot he's always deserved!

Gary Salter's up the aisle again!

22.8.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Gary Salter has just taken another one up the aisle!

Gary Salter shoots for the British Skin Foundation

8.8.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

Gary Salter was proud to be involved shooting for the British Skin Foundation for three excellent ads by creative director Andrew Spurgeon and art director Andrew Morley with copywriting by Michael Pogson.

To see more of Gary's commissioned work, click here.

Gary Salter - Geordie Shore

8.6.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity

Season 3, 5000 miles, 9 Geordies, one hell of a holiday. Be afraid, Gary Salter was!

More of Gary's commissions here.

Gary Salter - Yazoo Shake Squad

2.5.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, behind the scenes

Gary Salter's all over the place at the moment!

Gary worked alongside Creative Pete Calvert, to shoot Yazoo's 'Shake Squad'.

To see more of Gary's commissioned work, click here.

Gary Salter / Sky Life / WCRS

10.2.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Gary Salter has moved into the esoteric area of bullet-time movie footage for Sky Life / WCRS. Working closely with Capture, and creatives Ben Long and Angus MacKinnon, they created 5 different films which you can view by here.

To see Gary's online gallery click here.

Gary Salter for 'Find a Property'

22.1.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Gary Salter continues on a roll. His latest 'Find a Property.Com' campaign featuring rapper Ross Green is hitting the streets now. The creatives were Tom Sillas & Danny Asensio and the Creative Director was Bil Bungay. Thanks BMB, always a pleasure!

To view Gary's online gallery, click here.

Gary Salter - Urban Golf

1.1.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour, sports

More Gary Salter new - client Urban Golf asked their agency Grainger and Wolff to produce a campaign of images and this was but one of the results during a frenetic day of shooting before retiring to the 19th hole! Fore!

To view Gary's online folio, click here.

Gary Salter for Absolute Radio

1.1.2012 | Tags: Gary Salter, Celebrity, Portrait

Gary's been working with some familiar faces recently... Faces For Radio! It's his second campaign for Absolute Radio, this time working with Creative Director Michael Campbell and creatives Laura Muse and Jack Gallon. More...

To see Gary's online gallery click here.

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