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Karen Thomas - Pie Week

3 March 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

A beautiful series of pies captured by Karen Thomas for Pie Week!

Karen Thomas - Love at First Sip

14 February 2020 | Tags: Drink, Food, Karen Thomas

A special Valentines Costa served up by our very own Karen Thomas

Karen Thomas - Costa Blue

13 February 2020 | Tags: Drink, Food

Karen Thomas is keeping busy with yet more work for Costa Coffee.

Karen Thomas - Costa Xmas 19

27 November 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink, Christmas

Karen Thomas has shot all of Costa's Xmas 2019 in-store material. Keep an eye out next time you're grabbing your morning cup. 

Karen Thomas

11 November 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Lifestyle, Food

Karen Thomas Shot on location in Camden, Sam's 'Secretly Easy' Choc Key Lime Pie is delicious. Yum!

Ilka & Franz - Misunderstood Food

15 October 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Still Life, Food

Ilka and Franz reinvent six of the most confusing British dishes in their new series Misunderstood Food.

Jack Terry - Sarson's

27 August 2019 | Tags: Jack Terry, Food

Respect to Jack Terry! He worked on a great mix of stills and motion for Sarson's vinegar. 

Ilka & Franz - Dairylea

22 May 2019 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, children

Ilka & Franz dare you to check out this... their latest campaign for Dairylea, which can be seen up on posters around town now.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Innocent Milk Video

25 January 2019 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Drink

Got milk? Lactose intolerant? Well today’s your lucky day, because Innocent launched their line of dairy free milks! Photographed in a nutshell by the lovely Chelsea Bloxsome

Jason Knott - Thomas Cook Video

22 January 2019 | Tags: Jason Knott, Food, Travel

Jason Knott had a great shoot late last year with Thomas Cook at a series of very nice hotels. He was shooting both stills and moving image. Thanks to all involved.

Karen Thomas - Costa 2019

15 January 2019 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink

Tasty, a little bit saucy and very glamorous. And that's just Karen Thomas!  New work for Costa with BBH London.

2018: Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

21 December 2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, moving image

Chelsea Bloxsome, made this video a few days ago... Xmas Dinner from start to finish in a matter of seconds!  Although we want our Xmas to last and last, it seemed like a fitting way to post our last Latest news of 2018. Happy Xmas to One and All and we look forward to speaking in 2019

Ilka & Franz - Pearn Kandola

28 November 2018 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, humour

Ilka & Franz have their cake...and eat it! It's their latest shoot for Pearn Kandola. 

James Bowden - Yallah Coffee

25 October 2018 | Tags: James Bowden, reportage, Drink, Food

James Bowden travels to Nicaragua with Yallah Coffee on a search for the best beans!

Ilka & Franz - Rude Food

3 October 2018 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Food, humour

Ilka & Franz  get rude with this series of naughty vegetables for the Guardian.

New From Karen Thomas

28 September 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas specialises in mouthwatering photography. Here's her latest series.

Ilka & Franz - Bottomless Brunch

4 September 2018 | Tags: Food, Ilka and Franz

Bottomless Brunch! The cheek of work by Ilka & Franz for Kein magazine. Big thanks to everyone involved!

Karen Thomas - McDonalds

21 August 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, moving image

Karen Thomas shot McDonald's top of the range "Signature" series of burgers for stills and motion. The moving image required extreme resolution so that it could run across 4 large screens so we shot in entirely 8K! Want to see more of her moving image? Simply click here! Thanks to the team at TMS!

Chelsea Bloxsome - New Innocent

25 June 2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Still Life, Drink, Food

Chelsea loves shooting for Innocent...and we love these new shots 

Karen Thomas - Costa Imax

16 May 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Drink, Food, in print

Karen Thomas' new work for Costa is currently wrapped around the BFI IMAX at waterloo - it doesn't get much bigger than that! Keep your eyes peeled for a whole new raft of Costa work coming soon...

Chelsea Bloxsome - Shell Cinemagraphs

4 April 2018 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, moving image, cinemagraph

Chelsea Bloxsome has been keeping busy with these new cinemagraphs. See the set, plus more, over in her cinemagraph gallery - here.

Karen Thomas - Activia

8 March 2018 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas has just added these new ads for Activia to her ever growing folio of graphic food photography.

Every Lidl Thing for Christmas by Karen Thomas

8 November 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

From a Sprout Wreath to Blini Baubles... Karen Thomas photographed Lidl's festive treats for their Christmas campaign. 

New Work from Diana Miller

8 November 2017 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Here is the latest selection of work from our food photographer, Diana Miller.

New Work from Alessandra Spairani

23 October 2017 | Tags: Alessandra Spairani, Platform, Food

Travel AND food! Life doesn't get much better than this. Here's the very latest from Alessandra Spairani, who spends all her time travelling and eating. 

Chelsea Bloxsome - Cinemagraphs

10 October 2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, moving image

It might not tick the low-cal box, but these new shots from Chelsea Bloxsome are part of a new set of cinemagraphs.

Sainsbury's Living Well with Karen Thomas

4 September 2017 | Tags: Food, Karen Thomas

Waking up on a Sunday morning to the sounds and smells of a tasty breakfast being cooked, that’s Living Well. A new short stop frame animation for Sainsbury's, with food shot by Karen Thomas.

Table Squish with Karen Thomas

29 August 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas recently shot for the latest Sainsbury's campaign, 'Table Squish': A table full of delicious summer food recipes from chicken, pasta and fish to share with your family and friends. 

Marks & Spencer Dine's in with Karen Thomas... again!

3 August 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Marks & Spencer's re-ran a campaign on Friday which was shot by Karen Thomas. They must love her work... almost as much as we love their £10 Dine in for Two deal!

Karen Thomas - Sainsbury's 'Living Well'

5 July 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen Thomas was delighted to be involved with the latest Sainsbury's summer campaign, 'Living Well'.

Gary Salter - Seriously

22 June 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, moving image, Food

Gary Salter shoots lots of moving image, but this latest for Seriously was a complex mix of Milo motion control, narration, music, performance, green screen, CGI and edit!

Alessandra Spairani - New Folio

9 June 2017 | Tags: Alessandra Spairani, Portfolio, Food

We have a new folio in the H-S office... take a look at Alessandra Spairani's new book! 

See more of Alessandra's work on our Platform site, here.

May The Fourth Be With You - Wilson Hennessy

4 May 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Food

May the Fourth be with you! Wilson Hennessy works with Oreo's to recreate Darth Vader's portrait... yes those are all REAL oreos. 

Food Photography Awards - Chelsea Bloxsome places Third!

2 May 2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, awards

Chelsea Bloxsome had a ball last night at the Food Photography Awards, coming 3rd in the Marks & Spencers Food Portraiture category.

Marks & Spencer celebrates Easter-time with Karen Thomas

2 May 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

The countdown to Easter weekend has begun. Karen shoots a selection of yummy hot cross buns with M&S. 

Diana Miller shoots for McDonald's Germany

3 April 2017 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Probably the most indulgent hamburgers that McDonald’s have created yet, the new 'Signature Collection' with a Brioche bun and super-size beef patty, photographed for Germany by Diana Miller

See more of Diana's great work here

Karen Thomas - Feeling Peckish!

24 March 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Karen recently shot this sweet stop motion series with chocolate cake and delicious hot-cross buns... Grab them before they go!

See more of Karens mouthwatering work here.

Alessandra Spairani - Fresh Pasta

24 January 2017 | Tags: Alessandra Spairani, Lifestyle, Food

Alessandra visits Emilias Pasta, where she captures the process and essence of hand cooked Italian dishes. 

See more of Alessandras Lifestyle and food in her gallery

James Bowden - Birds Eye

20 January 2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Food, on location

James Bowden has been busy photographing 'the sweetest peas in the land' for Birds Eye. A special thank you to Julia and Gemma and the team at the agency!

Introducing... Karen Thomas

12 January 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

As the world welcomes a new year we welcome a new photographer to the team. It is a pleasure to introduce Karen Thomas to the Horton-Stephens family!

Christmas Wrapping with Chelsea Bloxsome

20 December 2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Christmas

Chelsea Bloxsome creates her own festive wrapping paper for this years festive and jolly season! Christmas just isn't christmas without a limitless number of mince pies and those never-ending brussel sprouts. 

Merry Christmas!

Tesco Christmas Campaign - James Bowden

28 November 2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Food, Lifestyle, Christmas

The Tesco Christmas campaign is currently showing on a billboard near you! Shot by our very own James Bowden

Chelsea Bloxsome - Butter that loves you back

26 September 2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome recently shot this heart warming advert for Benecol.

Chelsea Bloxsome - Exploding food

23 September 2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome has been experimenting in the kitchen. 

Christmas Comes Early

14 September 2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, moving image, Food

Christmas seems to come around earlier and earlier, so we wanted to make damn sure we were the first this year.

Some moving image by Chelsea Bloxsome

For more moving image work, see our sister site Horton's Shortun's here

New Dolmio work from Gary Salter

8 September 2016 | Tags: Gary Salter, Food, humour

Gary Salter photographed the Dolmio Family... Mama, Papa, Carlo, Sophia, Nick and Nina,  for the latest International Dolmio campaign.

James Bowden Shoots Food

8 September 2016 | Tags: James Bowden, Food

With all that running around on various expeditions, James Bowden has to stop and eat every once and a while...

Feast your eyes on these... and for more click here

National Burger Day

25 August 2016 | Tags: Food

It's national burger day! Here's some of the best burgers from the H-S team...

Pink Lady Food Photography Awards

10 August 2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Alessandra Spairani, awards, Food, Platform

Both Chelsea Bloxsome and our Platform photographer Alessandra Spairani were named during the annual Pink Lady Food photography awards.

Chelsea Bloxsome won Silver in the 'Food for the Family' category whilst Alessandra was commended for her melting ice cream balls image in the  'Marks and Spencers Food Portraiture' category.

Vodafone - Marco Mori & Chelsea Bloxsome

8 June 2016 | Tags: Marco Mori, Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, Still Life

Marco Mori and Chelsea Bloxsome have just joined forces on this new campaign for Vodafone. 

*NEW* from Diana Miller

3 February 2016 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Between commissions for the likes of Heinz and Knorr, Diana Miller still finds time to fill the folio with an array of great food shots. Here's a few of the latest, which we've just popped up on the site - here.

Disgusting Made Delicious - Chelsea Bloxsome

25 January 2016 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Chelsea Bloxsome teamed up with creatives Laura Clark and Elliott Star on this great new series - 'Disgusting Made Delicious'.

You may not want to view this one during lunchtime... 

Port Salut from Diana Miller

21 December 2015 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Merry Cheesemas! Diana Miller shot this for Port Salut cheese.

News Heinz ads from Diana Miller

9 November 2015 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

These news Heinz ads, shot by Diana Miller, are now up and around town.  

Chelsea Bloxsome

1 November 2015 | Tags: Food, Chelsea Bloxsome

We've added some new work to Chelsea Bloxsome's folio, including this ice cream shot. Go check it out - here.

Hovis - Diana Miller

13 July 2015 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Diana Miller showed us her graphic side on this new campaign for Hovis and Mother London. 

Big thanks to Chris at the agency. 

New McDonald's from Diana Miller

11 June 2015 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Diana Miller was delighted to work with McDonald's ad agency, Leo's Thjnk Tank, developing a whole new look for Germany.

Some amazing burger shots here! We get hungry every time we look.

Platform - Alessandra Spairani

20 May 2015 | Tags: Platform, Food, Lifestyle, Alessandra Spairani

If you haven't checked out our Platform section yet, you're missing out! Alessandra Spairani is the latest in this roster of young fresh talent.

Alessandra's beautiful work comes from her own passion for food and travel. Her mix of  travel and foody lifestyle, all shot with refreshing honesty, is what first caught our eye.

Click here to see her selection on the site.

Chelsea Bloxsome - The Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2015 Awards

7 May 2015 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Congratulations to our Chelsea Bloxsome on her 'highly commended' in the Pink Lady Food awards for this beaut of a shot!

See more of Chelsea's glorious food photography over in her gallery here.

Diana Miller's Cheese Toastie

1 April 2015 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Hangovers in the office this morning... feels like a cheese toastie day!

Which brings up this lovely Anchor ad shot by our Diana Miller.


The Biggest Mac?

31 March 2015 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Perhaps the Biggest Mac you'll see in a while!!

Diana Miller's latest work for McDonald's now up and around town.

Thanks to Tim, Jo and Leah for letting us get our hands on your buns!

More of Diana's scrumptious photography over in her folio.


5 March 2015 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Diana Miller, Food

Here's a couple of mouth watering pies to sink your... eyes into!

Why pies you may ask....? Well it's British Pie Week of course!

Tesco Christmas from Diana Miller

20 November 2014 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

A cracking set of  new Chrimbo ads from our lovely Diana Miller.

Mayfair Kitchen ads from Chelsea Bloxsome

21 October 2014 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

A stunning new set of ads for the new MayFair Kitchen Restaurant by our lovely Chelsea Bloxsome.

New McCain ads from Diana Miller

25 September 2014 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Some delicious looking McCain ads up and around town this week, shot by our lovely foodie - Diana Miller.

Diana Miller

23 June 2014 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food


Diana Miller's new shot for Marks and Spencer.

See more in Di's commissioned folio.

New Tasty Diana Miller shots

11 April 2014 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

When Diana Miller sends new shots over, you can hear the rumble of stomachs from within the office.

Diana Miller Food

3 March 2014 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Rustic grub!

Some new shots from Diana MIller

Diana Miller for McDonalds

11 December 2013 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

More tasty looking McDonald's shots from Diana Miller.

Big shout out to Pete, Laura and Elliot and the lovely art buying department at Leo Burnett.

See more of Di's McDonald's work along side a whole bunch of other great commissioned work over on our website.

Diana Miller for Marks & Spencers

19 November 2013 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

We suddenly have a strange craving for beef bourguignon here at Horton-Stephens HQ. Another perfectly executed food shot by our very own Diana Miller.

Have a look at the rest of Diana's fantastic folio here. Beware though - lunch does become somewhat underwhelming after looking through Di's photographs.

Gary Salter for Sun-Pat peanut butter

5 November 2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Food

Gary Salter has just shot this ad for Sun-Pat peanut butter with our good friends from Karmarama.

Big thanks to Rich, Claudia and Martin at the agency. See more of Gary's commissioned work here.

Gary Salter shoots Gordan

23 October 2013 | Tags: Gary Salter, Food

Gary Salter had the pleasure of shooting Mr. Gordon Ramsay for this months Observer Food Monthly magazine.

Gary's cover was 1 of 10 covers celebrating the 10th Food Monthly Awards.

Everyone give a warm welcome to our new recruit... Chelsea Bloxsome

12 September 2013 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food

Introducing a new player to the Horton-Stephens team...

Everybody give a warm welcome to Chelsea Bloxsome.

Diana Miller shoots more tasty morsels!

10 September 2013 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

We're extremely excited to show you some of Diana Miller's new work. She's been busy shooting a whole heap of new images over the past couple of weeks. From curries to pies and tiger tomatoes to donut nectarines. All photographed to perfection in true Diana style.

Click here to see more on our website. 

Jan Steinhilber shoots meaty editorial!

4 September 2013 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Food

Jan Steinhilber recently shot this great editorial on Sous-vide cooking for German magazine - Beef!

Click here to see more.  

Diana Miller creates another mouth-watering shoot for M&S

20 June 2013 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Diana Miller continually making our mouths water with her fantastic food photography.

Here's her latest for Marks & Spencers. See more of Diana's great work here. (Disclaimer: Do not view on an empty stomach!)

Wilson Hennessy creates a bang for Heinz!

17 June 2013 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Food


Wilson Hennessy provides imagery for this great pop-art inspired campaign from AMV BBDO for Heinz.

Click here to see the rest of Wilson's portfolio.

Diana Miller for Ryvita

25 April 2013 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Diana Miller's latest campaign for Ryvita has got our taste-buds going! The sun's out, we're hungry, time for a picnic anyone?

Click here to see the rest of the images.

Diana Miller's delicious new website

29 January 2013 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Be prepared to drool over Diana Miller's delectable new website!

Diana Miller's double trouble

17 December 2012 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Diana has shot some fantastic double images recently! Head on over to her portfolio to have a look!

Check out Diana Miller's newest images in her portfolio

29 November 2012 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food, Still Life

We've added some of newest images to her portfolio, and I have to say they look yum!!

Diana Miller on roasts! YUM

5 November 2012 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food, Still Life

Diana Miller has been photographing roasts. We've seen a lot in our time, but with only the merest soup on of bias, we think these are the best roast dinner shots anywhere, ever!

Click here to see more.

Diana Miller sets the perfect summer scene

1 August 2012 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Strawberries and cream? Diana Miller shot these in anticipation of our English Summer. Oh well...

For more of Diana Miller's commissioned work, click here.

Diana Miller - Taste of Pizza

3 January 2012 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Here in the Horton-Stephens office we are all getting rather dough-eyed at the sight of Delicious Diana Miller's new pizza shots. You can see another image from this series in her portfolio gallery.

To see Diana Miller's online gallery, click here. 

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