Jason Knott - Spider Awards

Jason Knott doesn't just shoot lifestyle imagery, he's a seasoned portrait shooter too! And he's just picked up an honourable mention in the 2020 Black & White Spider Awards, based out in LA, for this set of portraits. 

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16 November 2020 | Tags: Jason Knott, Portrait, awards

Karen Thomas - Lidl Xmas

New work from Karen Thomas for Lidl's Xmas campaign. 

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31 October 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Christmas

Marco Mori - EDF 'Busy Doing Nothing'

Marco Mori spent a few days shadowing EDF employees for their 'Busy Doing Nothing' campaign, an extensive stills campaign supporting the TVCs that are on air now.

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30 October 2020 | Tags: Marco Mori, bts, back of tv

Jan Steinhilber - New Work

Jan Steinhilber has added a load of new work to his folio, including these new GIFs. Who doesn't love a GIF!

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29 October 2020 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Cars, gif

Gary Salter - British Retail Consortium

Christmas has come early for Gary Salter who has just shot this ad for the British Retail Consortium, in an effort to get the British public on the high street and filling up their stockings ready for Christmas. 

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29 October 2020 | Tags: Gary Salter, Christmas

Karen Thomas - M&S

Time to start thinking about that Christmas buffet! New work from Karen Thomas for M&S. 

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29 October 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Wilson Hennessy - Samsung

Appliances never looked so good! New work from Wilson Hennessy for Samsung.

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26 October 2020 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Still Life

Short & Sweet - Hot Wheels

New work for Hot Wheels from our stop-frame animation specialists, Short & Sweet. Not as short as what we're used to seeing, but certainly still very sweet! See more over at Horton's Short'Uns

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26 October 2020 | Tags: moving image, Short & Sweet, animation, stop frame

James Bowden - Berghaus

James Bowden packed his camera and cagoule before heading to the hills in this new set of work for Berghaus. 

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26 October 2020 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle

Karen Thomas - Birdseye Meat Free

With all the appearance of meat, the Birds Eye Green Cuisine range had us all fooled and Karen Thomas’ lovely photography made us all want this meatiest of meat free meals.

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14 October 2020 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Additive - Porsche Cayenne

New work from Additive CGI. Cars 100% CGI and backplates shot in house! See more of Additive's cars here.

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14 October 2020 | Tags: Additive, CGI, Cars

Behind The Scenes - Stoptober

Having to capture TV, Digital and Print executions for Stoptober with Wilson Hennessy came with some hefty technical challenges - oven baking a floral display was just one of them! Here's some behind the scenes from the shoot day. See the results here and here

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2 October 2020 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, behind the scenes, Charity, Still Life, tv

Wilson Hennessy - Stoptober Cogs

Part Two in a series of new work from Wilson Hennessy for Stoptober. Again, it was a pleasure to have worked with a fantastic team at M&C Saatchi. See the digital executions (GIFs) over on his gallery.

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30 September 2020 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, moving image

Ilka & Franz - Prix de la Photographie winners

Ilka and Franz have won Gold in the Fine Art / Still Life category in the Prix de la Photographie (PX3) award for their 'British Food Misunderstood' series. 

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29 September 2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, Still Life, Food

Wilson Hennessy - Stoptober

New Work from Wilson Hennessy for Stoptober. Grateful to have worked with an entirely wonderful team at M&C Saatchi. This TV commercial is part one of a two part series. See the digital executions (GIFs) over on his gallery.

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24 September 2020 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, moving image

Chelsea Bloxsome - Deconstructions

A new series of culinary deconstructions from Chelsea Bloxsome.

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23 September 2020 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Still Life, Food

Jason Knott - The Libertines

Jason Knott goes behind the scenes with The Libertines, documenting one of their first recording sessions in years. Shot at The Albion Rooms - the band's own hotel / bar / studio space in Margate.

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15 September 2020 | Tags: Jason Knott

Ilka & Franz - Vodafone

Ilka & Franz were seeing red in this recent commission for Vodafone

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4 September 2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Nick Dolding - Specsavers

New from Nick Dolding, a series shot on the back of a TV shoot for Specsavers.

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13 August 2020 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Lifestyle, Portrait, back of tv

Wil Hennessy - Apex

Wilson Hennessy shot the new Apex Hyper-car during lockdown. He’s used a particularly effective remote working set-up several times now.

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13 August 2020 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Ilka & Franz - Public Health England

It was lovely to be a part of a new Government initiative promoting healthier lives. Ilka & Franz completed several animations for Public Health England with M&C Saatchi, see the full piece here

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13 August 2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz, gif, moving image

Nick Dolding - Dancing in the Studio

Nick Dolding hasn't stood still during the pandemic! We love this new studio series.  

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13 August 2020 | Tags: Nick Dolding, studio, gif

Ilka & Franz - Marvis

New work from Ilka & Franz. A series of images for Marvis Toothpaste and their #marviscollective Instagram takeover. Creative concepts, styling, sets, and post-production all by Ilka & Franz

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30 June 2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

George Logan - Lion: Pride Before the Fall

George Logan has launched a Kickstarter to produce a landmark photographic book, celebrating the life cycle of the African lion in all its natural beauty, drama and raw ferocity.

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18 June 2020 | Tags: George Logan, animals

COVID-19 Production Risk Mitigation Plan

Now that things are gradually getting back to normality, we've been spending a lot of time ensuring that future shoots are handled in the safest way possible. We've found this plan, put out by the APA, to be extremely informative and helpful. 

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18 June 2020 |

Gary Salter - Southend Observations

Gary Salter has been prowling the coast with his camera again. This time with some observations from Southend-on-Sea. 

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11 June 2020 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Ilka & Franz - HP

New work from Ilka & Franz for HP in Germany. 

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11 June 2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Marco Mori - FC Barcelona

We're happy to be able to show some pre-lockdown work from Marco Mori, who had the opportunity to shoot the Barcelona first team.

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11 June 2020 | Tags: Marco Mori, sports

Lockdown Q&A - Wilson Hennessy

Here's another Q&A, this time with Wilson Hennessy.

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27 May 2020 | Tags: lockdown q&a, Wilson Hennessy

Lockdown Q&A - Chelsea Bloxsome

Here's another Q&A, this time with Chelsea Bloxsome.

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27 May 2020 | Tags: lockdown q&a, Chelsea Bloxsome

Lockdown Q&A - Morten Borgestad

Morten Borgestad answers our lockdown Q&As. 

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27 May 2020 | Tags: lockdown q&a, Morten Borgestad

Lockdown Q&A - Jack Terry

Here's the latest Q&A with Jack Terry.

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27 May 2020 | Tags: Jack Terry, lockdown q&a

Ilka & Franz - New Scientist Cover

Ilka & Franz shot the cover for the latest New Scientist Magazine. All styling and sets by Ilka & Franz themselves, shot from the comfort of their own living room.

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22 May 2020 | Tags: Ilka and Franz

Shooting within AOP Covid guidelines

Our photographers were getting quite good at working from home and we were privileged to take part in some fantastic initiatives under lockdown like the Stay Home Heroes campaign, but we're hoping that the big thaw has started properly now and wanted to let you know that we are open for business!

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15 May 2020 |

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