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Moving Image - Louis-Jack

18 March 2021 | Tags: Louis-Jack, moving image

Louis-Jack, has managed to keep shooting through lockdown. Whilst he has two films in post, his short film Petrichor, starring Paul Kaye and Clive Russell.

The film has been receiving plaudits at the film festivals including being one of four nominations for Best British Film, an amazing achievement for such a young talent. Click here to see the Petrichor trailer. Here, above, is his latest showreel. See the work in it's entirety over on Horton's Short'Uns.

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Karen Thomas - From Here to There

18 March 2021 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food, Drink, moving image

Karen Thomas takes us on a caffeine fuelled coffee journey - from bean to cup in the latest example of her directing skills, From Here to There. We have an updated selection of work directed by her online over at Horton's Short'Uns.

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