How do you search for a photographers' agent?

1.1.2012 |

How do you search for a photographers' agent?

Do you search for a photographic agent, or a photographers agent?

Us photographers' agents are becoming confused about what to call ourselves these days. Our clients look for Still life photographers or Fashion photographers, sometimes even Commercial photographers or Advertising photographers, Lifestyle photographers, Hair & Beauty photographers, Food & Drink photographers, Kids photographers, Animal photographers, Car photographers, Location Photographers, Sports photographers, Landscape photographers and Portrait photographers. How best to ensure it's clear for those searching that we represent photographers who do all of the above and even CGI too?

For agents who also represent film and video production, like us, do we become Film and Photograph Agents? Or Video Agents? Or a Moving Images Agent?

And this is even before we start adding geography into the mix! Searching for Photo Agent's in London will bring up a different set of results than Photograph Agent London or we could broaden our horizons and search for agents all over England, the UK and Europe. We of course do operate all over the world, with affiliates in Poland, Germany and New York!

It’s enough to make your head spin, and any photographer's agent's nightmare!

And even though Google is useful for that impromptu spell check (photgrapher, phtographer, photogrpher, and phtogrpher being just a few of the most common misspelling of photographer! And the plural - photographers - throws up a whole other set of similar misspellings: photgraphers, phtographers, photogrphers, photgrphers and phtogrphers, etc.) there are the European adaptations and shortenings like fotographie or fotographic and foto, and the slang of tog’s leave us in a pickle as to how to define ourselves...

Perhaps we should just stick to Agent?

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