Shooting within AOP Covid guidelines

15.5.2020 |

Our photographers were getting quite good at working from home and we were privileged to take part in some fantastic initiatives under lockdown like the Stay Home Heroes campaign, but we're hoping that the big thaw has started properly now and wanted to let you know that we are open for business!

Admittedly it's not quite business as usual and some shoots will be more of a challenge than others, but we reckon that more or less anything is possible following receipt of the latest government guidelines.

Recent experience has shown us clients that want more than anything to do the "right" thing and we share that goal.  To help us all understand what responsible photo and motion production looks like, our friends at the Association of Photographers  and the Advertising Producers Association  have been working together with advice from safety consultants to produce guidelines which are being updated all the time.  The latest AOP guidelines can be accessed here.

We've found the guidance to be an encouraging read as they show that with the right processes in place, a photoshoot can be undertaken in a very responsible way.  We're talking to our regular producers, photo studios and model agencies all the time, so if you'd like a conversation about current possibilities, then do please get in touch.   

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