COVID-19 Production Risk Mitigation Plan

18.6.2020 |

Now that things are gradually getting back to normality, we've been spending a lot of time ensuring that future shoots are handled in the safest way possible. We've found this plan, put out by the APA, to be extremely informative and helpful. 

From the APA:

The purpose of the document is to encourage advertisers to make commercials by giving them the clearest possible view of how COVID risks will be reduced and mitigated. The client can elect to approve the plan or to ask the agency and production company to reconsider areas where the risk is not acceptable to them e.g. by changing the treatment.

It is part of our suite of documents, along with the Shooting Guidelines and the Tripartite Production Covid Addendum with the purpose of getting production going (it is going but we still have someway to go to reach pre- Coronavirus levels of work).

The agency completes this document. It will need your input to do so - for the production elements, the post production elements, the edit - so the agency will discuss those with  you.

It looks at specific risks e.g. non-appearance of cast or the director and provides a space to analyse its risk for that production.

Download the document via dropbox here

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