Florian Geiss - Novartis

Festival season approaches!

Florian Geiss shoots more lovely images for Novartis with the team from BrawandRieken in Hamburg.

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18 May 2017 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Marco Mori - More from M&S 'Spend it Well'

More of Marco's new work with the M&S 'Spend It Well' campaign.

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18 May 2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

Marco Mori - M&S 'Spend it Well'

Marco Mori is back from shooting in Barcelona with the lovely crew from Grey London for Marks & Spencer.

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5 May 2017 | Tags: Marco Mori, Lifestyle

May The Fourth Be With You - Wilson Hennessy

May the Fourth be with you! Wilson Hennessy works with Oreo's to recreate Darth Vader's portrait... yes those are all REAL oreos. 

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4 May 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Food

New work from George Logan

George Logan has been busy travelling to Africa to shoot for an Anti-Poaching Campaign.

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2 May 2017 | Tags: George Logan, Portrait

Food Photography Awards - Chelsea Bloxsome places Third!

Chelsea Bloxsome had a ball last night at the Food Photography Awards, coming 3rd in the Marks & Spencers Food Portraiture category.

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2 May 2017 | Tags: Chelsea Bloxsome, Food, awards

Kelloggs - Morten Borgestad

We had great fun working with Morten Borgestad recently when he shot real people eating Kelloggs Cornflakes in their own very individual way for a press campaign to support recent TV commercials, all by Leo Burnett. 

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2 May 2017 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, Portrait

Nick Dolding - Vietnam

Oh for the love of noodles... this from Vietnam by Nick Dolding.

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2 May 2017 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait, Travel

Marks & Spencer celebrates Easter-time with Karen Thomas

The countdown to Easter weekend has begun. Karen shoots a selection of yummy hot cross buns with M&S. 

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2 May 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Gary Salter and Skelator - Money Super Market Campaign

He-Man's arch nemesis, Skeletor, is featured in the new Money Supermarket Campaign shot by our Gary Salter.

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2 May 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour, Portrait

Diana Miller shoots for McDonald's Germany

Probably the most indulgent hamburgers that McDonald’s have created yet, the new 'Signature Collection' with a Brioche bun and super-size beef patty, photographed for Germany by Diana Miller

See more of Diana's great work here

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3 April 2017 | Tags: Diana Miller, Food

Karen Thomas - Mother's Day with M&S

Karen Thomas shoots beautiful bouquets for Marks and Spencer in the run up to Mother's day.

Take a look at Karen's work here.

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31 March 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Still Life

Jan Steinhilber - VW Crafter

Jan Steinhilber shoots for Volkswagen with their latest Crafter Launch Brochure.

See more of Jan's work here.

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27 March 2017 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Cars

Karen Thomas - Feeling Peckish!

Karen recently shot this sweet stop motion series with chocolate cake and delicious hot-cross buns... Grab them before they go!

See more of Karens mouthwatering work here.

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24 March 2017 | Tags: Karen Thomas, Food

Eugenio Franchi - Tia Maria Amsterdam

'Coffee Lovers Unite'! A very detailed image taken by our Eugenio Franchi for the Amsterdam Tia Maria campaign. 

Take a look at Eugenios work here.

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23 March 2017 | Tags: Eugenio Franchi, Still Life

Wilson Hennessy - Ferrari 812 Superfast

Wil Hennessy has been super busy photographing the new Ferrari 812 Superfast.

See more of his car work here.

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16 March 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Cars

Nick Dolding - Winner of the Gold Graphis Award

Congratulations to our Nick Dolding, who has just won a Gold Graphis Award for his Coupling series!

See more of Nick's work here.

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9 March 2017 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait

New work from Florian Geiss

Florian Geiss can always find winter sun- here are some new shots from Carolina Bay in Bermuda.

See more of Florians work here

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23 February 2017 | Tags: Florian Geiss, Lifestyle

Gary Salter - Novartis

'Everything is under control'. Gary Salter shoots different hypertension patients in stressful everyday situations for Novartis Healthcare.

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21 February 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, Portrait

George Logan - Orca Born Free Foundation

George Logan created this shot of an Orca in captivity for Born Free Foundation. The picture was displayed on poster sites last weekend to coincide with World Whale Day.

A special thanks to Katy Hopkins and Steve Hawthorne at WCRS.

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20 February 2017 | Tags: George Logan, animals

Gary Salter - Capital One

Gary Salter shoots a lot of moving imagery...

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17 February 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, sports

Gary Salter - Incrimination

Gary Salter's new personal series, Incrimination, sets out to illustrate the murkier side of the British Police Force via the story of an innocent man being wrongfully accused in an interrogation room.

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16 February 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, humour

Morten Borgestad - Norwegian Dyslexia Organisation

Here’s a recent shot from Morten Borgestad for the Norwegian Dyslexia Organisation. The concept aimed to visualise real misunderstandings that have occurred due to dyslexia. In this instance, hotel guests mistook the gym (Styrkerom) for the ironing room (Strykerom)

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16 February 2017 | Tags: Morten Borgestad, Portrait

Happy Valentines Day from Wilson Hennessy

Wilson Hennessy would like to wish you all a happy Valentines day with this new heart animation. 

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14 February 2017 | Tags: Wilson Hennessy, Still Life

Nick Dolding - Miguel's Boxing and Fitness Gym

Nick Dolding  has been hitting the gym! Here’s a series of portraits from his recent visit to Miguel’s Boxing and Fitness Gym in Brixton. 

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13 February 2017 | Tags: Nick Dolding, Portrait

The Honest Player with Marco Mori

Marco Mori photographs Six Nations star George North for the new Gillette Campaign.

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8 February 2017 | Tags: Celebrity, Portrait, Marco Mori

Our Guiding Principle...

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3 February 2017 | Tags: humour

New work from Gary Salter

We've just added some new shots to Gary Salters observations gallery. Have a closer look here.

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2 February 2017 | Tags: Gary Salter, observational

Interview with James Bowden

On the back of coming first place in their lifestyle photography competition, James Bowden sat down with the guys from Monster Children magazine to answer a few questions. Read the interview here.

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31 January 2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle

Jan Steinhilber - Porsche 911 GTS

Here's a lovely new set of shots from Jan Steinhilber of Porsche's latest 911 model - the GTS. Shot underneath the dramatic skies of the south island of New Zealand. 

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31 January 2017 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Cars, on location

The latest from James Bowden

James Bowden gets around! Here's a new set of images from his latest adventures.

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26 January 2017 | Tags: James Bowden, Lifestyle, Travel

George Logan's Animal Portraits

A collection of animal portraiture from George Logan, as featured in the 2017 Born Free Foundation Calendar.

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26 January 2017 | Tags: George Logan, animals, Charity

Jan Steinhilber shoots for Renault

New work from Jan as he shoots for the sleek new Renault Megane.

See more of his car portfolio here.

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25 January 2017 | Tags: Jan Steinhilber, Cars

Alessandra Spairani - Fresh Pasta

Alessandra visits Emilias Pasta, where she captures the process and essence of hand cooked Italian dishes. 

See more of Alessandras Lifestyle and food in her gallery

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24 January 2017 | Tags: Alessandra Spairani, Lifestyle, Food

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